Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nokia 5235

This time Nokia released a beautiful mobile Nokia 5235 Comes With Music, to bring free music to users. Nokia 5235 Comes With Music is a mix of sizes to fit the hand and of course the amazing music side. With unlimited access to Nokia Music Store catalog, users can download legally. Nokia 5235 mobile device is touchscreen with support by 33 hours of battery time for music playback and memory up to 16GB via microSD card.

Nokia Music Store itself is accessible from the homescreen Nokia 5235 Comes With Music, and the user can enter by making the Nokia Music Store account and enter the PIN code Comes With Music subscription, then all prices will disappear and make downloading easier. Users also can download music via a PC using the Nokia Ovi Player.

Your Nokia 5235 is supported by a 3.2-inch screen, 2 megapixel camera and standby time for 18 days. In addition, also support .5 mm audio output Ovi full application, including Ovi Store, Contacts Ovi, Ovi Share, and Ovi Maps. Mobile Nokia 5235 Comes With Music will go on sale in the first quarter of 2010 with estimated price of $ 211.

Download PCMAV 2.2b Valkyrie Update Build1 + Clamav (678.670+8 virus)

To further increase the virus database which can be detected then my PCMAV the newest PCMAV 2.2b Valkyrie Update Build1 + Clamav combined with the virus database from Clamav Antivirus. If you are going to try it you can read how in the readme.txt (in the download package). There is enough clear manual.

But if you do not want to be bothered and wanted to download so you can download it at the link I provide below (first way) or 3 times a download (the latter). PCMAV version 2.2b I integrate with engine Clamav 0.95.3 (latest for now). With this joint (the first way) then the virus database (total) to 678,670 + 8 virus. Most likely will be greater numbers by the second.

Note: For the combined Clamav PCMAV and I did the steps listed in the readme.txt. As an alternative because some steps in the readme.txt not the way you can download the file Microsoft.VC80.CRT then place in folder / plugins / clamav.

Download PCMAV 2.2b Valkyrie Update Build1 + Clamav : Here

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nokia 6700 Gold Edition

In the middle of the competition between mobile phone manufacturers to bring a wrapped mobile operating system Android, Nokia even cool with new projects that will bring luxury mobile phone design with gold-plated. Here's good news for you fans of luxury. The reason is, Nokia has officially announced Nokia 6700 Gold Edition wrapped by a 18-carat gold and is also equipped with all-gold wallpaper.

Although this is not the latest series mobile phones Nokia output, but this is a new version of the Nokia 6700 Classic series. Your Nokia 6700 Classic Gold is also offering the features and specifications are the same as the Nokia 6700 Classic standard version. Only difference is the body design that looks more luxurious and elegant.

Nokia 6700 Classic Gold plan also would adopt a 5MP camera, GPS with Nokia Maps, FM radio, HSDPA, 8GB microSD memory card and also interesting features such as existing on the Nokia 6700 Classic. But if you buy this gold-plated phone, you will immediately be given a bonus genuine leather gloves to protect the body from all kinds of collisions.

The results of the design of renowned designer Mark Delaney is expected to be landed on the market in the first quarter of 2010 with prices around 550 dollars. But so far there has been no information on whether the Nokia 6700 Classic Gold will also come to Indonesia.

Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition

Maintain its position in the mobile phone industry, Nokia continues to expand its portfolio with the spawn-capable phones special. Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition was one of the largest mobile phone maker discussed Finland's origin.

Rely on the ability of integrated Nokia Maps, with GPS technology is fully supported, the company ensures that the Nokia 2710 will be a new breakthrough in the market with cheap price

Mobile phone maker with the largest market share in the world was convinced that this new phone will be absorbed very well in the markets of developed and developing countries. From the urban environment, small towns, including remote areas though.

Same with phones other GPS technology, the Nokia 2710 is also provided a map image display quite friendly with easy navigation. Supported by an integrated digital compass, and even a car driver can get directions with voice guidance path management.

However, this phone not only provide navigation services. Nokia also does not rule out the phone and SMS services as basic services of a mobile phone. But, when you decide to buy this phone, before you need to ensure local locations you want to go if the technology infrastructure has been reached.

With Nokia Maps, Nokia seeks to provide navigation coverage is more extensive and aggressive than its competitors to expand in new countries.

Associated costs and availability of data services depends on the telecommunication, sometimes limited. Relevant maps have been embedded in the phone, anticipating at any moment if the phone loses the Internet connection, navigation service can still be used.

VIVAnews launched from Cellular News, the estimated price of the Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition is approximately 110 euros or the equivalent USD 1.5 million-an, and marketed a new beginning in the second quarter of 2010.

Download PCMAV 2.2b Valkyrie

Coinciding with the publication in January edition of the magazine PCMEDIA January 2010, the latest Download PCMAV 2.2b released.


1. UPDATED! Added database identifier and cleaning viruses 20 local / foreign / new variants spread in Indonesia reported. Total 3096 virus and its variants.
2. Improved! Change some names to follow new variant viruses found.

Download here

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Poor That Are Richer Than The Rich

In modern world depression is something as common as having a headache or a hangover after a rough night out, but only few people realize how serious this problem really is. Try to find a person who has never shown signs of depression and you will realize that it's almost impossible. Almost, but not definitely. Recent studies have shown that there is a group of people in the modern world who don't even know what depression is all about. And surprisingly, these people are generally very poor and far from what most people would consider as good wellbeing.

While this statement will seem ridiculous to most of us, this is true and can be proven even using simple logics. You won't see a poor man or woman worrying about their lost success, or craving for a new car they want to get so bad. The only thing they worry about is getting food and having a place to spend a cold night. These people are free from aspirations and stresses most middle and upper class individuals have to deal with. If put simple, poor people are in a dream-like state of full mental harmony with their physiological needs. They aren't troubled by their spiritual or emotional desires, they aren't troubled by things others might think or say about them. Of course, living below the line of poverty has its stresses and burdens but they are always stripped down to simple bodily needs. No psychological worries, no stress, no depression.

In contrast, you will find the majority of extremely rich and upper class individual taking Xanax, Prozac or Valium to calm down and get them through. Having much money or being in the spotlight has its price tag, which usually comes in the form of certain limits, responsibilities and things to worry about. People from middle and upper classes pay too much attention to they way others see them and this alone is a rich source of mental stress. And what happens when something goes slightly wrong? A homeless individual won't bother if his or her new Bentley gets stolen, because they don't have it. A rich mogul will hire dozens of professionals to protect his private house and spend hours (and tons of valium)on worrying about the latest news from stock exchange. And isn't it ironic that in such a situation the poor are actually richer than the rich, if you know from what point of view to look?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Basic Strategy And Doubling Down

There's a sad fact about playing in a casino, whether real or virtual. The operators have worked out how to play the games on offer and set the odds to favor themselves. After all, if the majority did not lose, there would be no money to pay out all the money you win. Needless to say, the casinos have invested time and money into working out every possible variation on the rules and the ways to play under them. So, if you are going to take on the House edge, you have to become as big an expert on the rules as the operators. So let's start with one of the more interesting rules which decides when you are allowed to double down. This applies when you have received your two cards. If you decide you are going to draw only one more card, the casino rules can allow you to double your initial bet. The different possibilities are to double:

  • on any card combination;

  • only when the two cards total 9, 10 or 11; or

  • after splitting.

Why should you double your bet? The answer is deceptively simple. You double the bet when you think you are going to beat the Dealer. That really does make sense. But because you are suddenly investing more money in playing the game and have more to lose, you need to get on board with the math. You need to know the frequency with which the Dealer is likely to go bust based on the card you can see. If the Dealer's card suggests a bust is probable, i.e. the Dealer's hand is weak, you double the bet when you have a strong hand. You are maximizing the chance of making a good profit on the hand. If you build the doubling rule into your basic strategy, you reduce the House edge. If you refuse to play the doubling rule, the House edge actually increases. This is not to claim you will win every hand when you double down. If you are on a losing streak, you could lose every doubled bet for the session. But, in the long term, you will win more than you lose if you double. If you hesitate to double the bet, it suggests you are outside your comfort zone and already playing for higher stakes than you can afford.

At the blackjack table, the Dealer is weakest when showing a card in the range 2 through 6. With a 2, the bust percentage is 35%. It rises to a 42% chance of busting with a 5 or 6. Your hand is strongest if the two card total is less than 11. Do not be thrown off the basic strategy by the casinos that allow you to add less than the original bet. Blackjack is a game for winners. Never give up the chance to double and take the maximum win against the Dealer. Adding a few dollars to the original bet but not doubling is half-hearted and cowardly.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The First Steps To a Basic Strategy

The game is one of the simplest ever invented. The rules are few and there's no physical effort involved in playing it. You just sit, look at a few cards and make your bets. That's probably why it's become one of the most popular casino games of all time. Of course everyone knows the House has an edge. That's how it pays all the expenses for running the casino. Remember it makes no difference whether this is a casino in the real world or online. You still need people and a base. So common sense tells you that no-one beats the House unless they invest some effort. Put another way: if everyone could beat the House without breaking sweat, the casino would go out of business in a day. This produces the headline: no pain, no gain. You have to put in some study time to master the basic strategy.

So what is this strategy? Over the years, some serious math types did all the work for you. They calculated the best way to play all the card combinations and wrote them down in simple charts. If you were going to play in a real casino, you would have to learn all these rules. That saves you having to pause before every decision to check the charts. Not only would the other players around the table be less than impressed, the casino would probably suggest you leave. But playing online changes all that. You can consult the charts as often as you like before deciding which card to play. It may be slow but, if you get the strategy right for every hand, you just shifted the odds in your favor.

So what are these charts? The first gives you the rules on when to split a pair. The strategy changes depending on the value of the cards dealt to you and the value of the card you can see the Dealer holding. So it starts with the rule that you split a pair of aces no matter what the Dealer holds, and goes down to the choices when you hold a pair of 2s. The other two charts deal with hard hands and soft hands. A hard hand is when neither card is an ace and the strategy changes significantly depending on the card held by the Dealer and the table rules on when the Dealer must stand or draw. A soft hand contains an ace and is easier to play because you can always draw one more card without busting - this takes some of the pressure off the play. I started off by saying blackjack is an easy game but, like all games, you can play for fun or you can take it seriously and play to win. In this case, you are more likely to win if you learn the charts and can play the strategy without thinking. To really take on the House edge, you also have to become a card counter but that's a whole new story because it does not work in a virtual casino. For now, focus on the basic strategy and start your winning blackjack career.

Ken Uston

Ken Uston - Blackjack Hall of Fame

Uston burst onto the scene in 1977 with the publication of The Big Player, co-authored with Roger Rapaport. In this book, Uston exposed the secrets of Al Francesco's big player teams. The book caused a falling out between Al and Ken that lasted for years, as Al felt Ken had betrayed his trust as well as his teammates.

But this book caused an upheaval in the world of card counting, changing the ways that professionals looked at the blackjack and attacked it. Three of the most successful international blackjack teams-the Tommy Hyland team, the MIT team, and the Czech team-all were founded in 1978, the year after Uston's book was published.

Al and Ken later patched up their relationship and Uston went on to start many blackjack teams of his own. He was a personality on a grand scale, who legally challenged the casino industry in the courts of both New Jersey and Nevada. His playing career spanned two decades of play at the highest levels, and included card counting, BP teams, hole card techniques, and concealed computer play.

Ken is also the author of Two Books on Blackjack, Million Dollar Blackjack, and Ken Uston on Blackjack.

He died in 1987 at the age of fifty-two.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Blackberry 9100 Stratus

Handset prototype devices Research In Motion (RIM) leaked on the internet before their time. The leakage current is the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 or with codenamed BlackBerry Striker / Stratus 9100

Photos and videos that appear on and offers quite detailed guidance Pearl RIM's line of smartphones.

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 is the third version after Pearl Flip 81xx and 82xx, and the original design candy 81xx series.

Features that determine from all the families of Pearl RIM SureType keyboard and software combination that squeeze a few characters into a single button to reduce the size of the entire device.

New Pearl has exceptions, the keyboard itself looks more and more beautiful slim, and shiny.

3G devices that run RIM BlackBerry OS 5.0. 9100 which recently was released. Also optical trackpad features to replace navigation Pearl trackball found on earlier Pearl devices. Including a new battery design.

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 is also the first device on the line that carries the words "Pearl" on the back, between the digital camera lens and flash.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Download PCMAV 2.2a Valkyrie Update 1+ Clamav (652.977 virus)

Finally I provide a download link download update PCMAV Build 2.2a + 1, this time to further increase the virus database which can be detected then my PCMAV virus combined with a database of Clamav Antivirus. If you are going to try it you can read how in the readme.txt (in the download package). There is enough clear manual. But if you do not want to be bothered and wanted to download so you can download it at the link I provide below (first way) or 3 times a download (the latter). PCMAV version 2.2a Update 1 I integrate with engine Clamav 0.95.2 (latest for now). With this joint (the first way) then the virus database (total) to 652,977) virus. Most likely will be greater numbers by the second.

Note: For the combined Clamav PCMAV and I did the steps listed in the readme.txt. As an alternative because some steps in the readme.txt not the way you can download the file Microsoft.VC80.CRT then place in folder / plugins / clamav.


Download PCMAV 2.2 Update Build 1 + Clamav : Download here

Friday, November 6, 2009

Download PCMAV 2.2a + Update 1 Valkyrie

After a while PCMAV not show the latest update from PCMAV Update Build4 Valkyrie 2.1A, eventually in conjunction with the publication of the magazine PC Media edition in December 2009, came the latest PCMAV PCMAV 2.2a. In this paper I have 2.2a PCMAV included with the update build 1. Total detection in this version of the 3076 +10 many viruses circulating in Indonesia.


1. UPDATED! Added to the database 51 identifying and cleaning local virus / foreign / new variants spread in Indonesia reported. Total 3076 virus and its variants, including variants Conficker sophisticated viruses that circulated in Indonesia, many well-known in this version 2.2a.
2. UPDATED! Hooking RTP update engine.
3. BUG FIXED! Error detection (false alarms) heuristic on some programs and scripts.
4. Improved! Change some names to follow new variant viruses found.
5. Improved! Fixes some minor bugs and improvisation internal code to ensure that the remains can be PCMAV antivirus Indonesian pride.

Download here

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Download Smadav 2009 Rev 7

In SmadAV 2009 Rev. 7 This has been enhanced to be much faster and lighter in detecting and securing your computer from virus threats in Indonesia. New features added in SmadAV Rev. 7 Such as Smad-7 Turbo (Scanning 10x faster), Smad-Theme (Changing the color theme), Smad-Ray (Auto flash is very fast scan). This all makes SmadAV 2009 Rev. 7 to be one of the fastest antivirus and lightest in the world, so SmadAV still be used on computers with lower specifications though.

In SmadAV Rev. 7 It also adds a database introduction of many new viruses spread in Indonesia. The development of local virus currently diminishing as active and not the preceding months. Maybe it's because SmadAV already widely used computer users in Indonesia. Thus, local virus in Indonesia now live a little longer to get to extinction.

In addition, too many improvements made to the view that the overall SmadAV SmadAV easier and practical to use. The following is a description of the new features in SmadAV 2009 Rev 7:

Smad-Turbo (Scanning 10x faster)
Smad-Turbo is one of the fastest antivirus scanning feature in the world that belongs only SmadAV Pro. If the Free SmadAV takes you 20 minutes to scan the entire contents of computer files, using this feature you only need to take approximately 1-2 minutes to scan the entire contents of the file on your computer. So, Scanning SmadAV Pro 10x faster than SmadAV Free to use these Smad-Turbo.

Smad-Theme (Changing color themes)
SmadAV Pro has the ability to change the color theme originally SmadAV green became the color of your choice. On the theme color settings you can find your own color choices for the theme SmadAV. After you change the theme color, the color of all SmadAV display will automatically turn into the color of your choice.

Smad-Ray (Auto flash is very fast scan)
After the flash plug-in computer disks, SmadAV will immediately bring the scan results in the form of notification if your flash is infected with a virus or not, the process is very fast only about 1-5 seconds so you do not need a long wait for the results of scanning the new flash plug.
Repair SmadAV view
Display SmadAV long been considered a user who is still too large and not suitable for some users in Mini Laptop / Netbook. In Rev. This time the display SmadAV 7 been smaller and SmadAV can adjust the size to be used in mini Netbook.

Comparison SmadAV Free & Pro
At the donation tab now has added the comparison table SmadAV Free & Pro. You can click on the lines of this table to see the advantages compared SmadAV SmadAV Pro Free.

Download Area

Download Smadav 2009 Rev 7 : Download here

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Download Smadav 2009 Rev. 6.4

SmadAV 2009 Rev 6.4 a refinement of the version SmadAV 2009 Rev 6.3 earlier. The following is a complete list of 2009 Rev SmadAV Improvements 6.4:

* Adding a local database of hundreds of new viruses
* Improved detection for more accurate Sality
* Improved error detection on some files
* [SmadAV Pro] scanning exclusion list (Exception List)
* [SmadAV Pro] Eliminating the right panel (Panel Hide)
* Adding option and right click the checkbox in the alert view SmadAV
* Improved bug in the scanning files larger than about 1 GB
* Added status display hidden in the form of auto-scan flashdisk
* Improved scanning process bug when right-click "Scan with SmadAV"
* Improved bug right click "Scan with SmadAV" in Vista
* Improved detection bug in LNK

Download Area

Download Smadav 2009 Rev. 6.4 here

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Download PCMAV 2.1a Valkyrie Update Build4

PCMAV 2.1a Valkyrie Update Build4 comes with the addition of 10 new virus variant identification. For you user PCMAV 2.1 a is recommended to update immediately, so that you PCMAV can recognize and eradicate the virus even more. To obtain and use PCMAV this update, you simply run PCMAV Cleaner (PCMAV-CLN.exe), the computer must be switched on to connect to the Internet (non-proxy). Automatic Updates feature from PCMAV will automatically download and update the database from PCMAV.

But for you who want to get the update files manually, you can download the file through a download that I address provided below.

Place the downloaded file (update.vdb) into the folder \ vdb. If you have previously had the old update files, you just happened. Make sure once again, that the update file name is update.vdb, if different, simply change the name. And later when you return PCMAV run, he is in condition was updated.


* PCMAV 2.1A Update Build4 : Download here
* Only update : Download here

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nokia 7705 Twist

Verizon Wireless and Nokia have released Nokia 7705 Twist, a nice phone with a unique box shape that can be rotated to open a full QWERTY keypad. There is a button on the Nokia 7705 Twist quick access to messages, plus the 3MP autofocus camera, web browsing, V CAST Music with Rhapsody, voice command, and speakerphone. For maximum resolution the camera phone 2048 x 1536 pixels, the camera features a self-timer for 10 seconds, zooming, editing, and capture video.

In addition, there is a special button-shaped bubble called Contact Light Ring is in the bottom right corner of the Nokia 7705 Twist can be used to identify the message or call the contact directory. Consumers can buy the Nokia 7705 Twist online at beginning 13 September and Verizon Wireless Communications Stores starting September 21, with the price range of $ 99.99.

The main specifications of the Nokia 7705 mobile Twist 2.4 inches of display type TFT QVGA, 262K colors, HTML browser features, design built-in mirror 'and 2.5mm headset jack. Unlike the HTC Touch Pro2, the Nokia 7705 mobile phone is not like the Twist smartphone, it's just using the Nokia S40 user interface. Connectivity is composed of EV-DO Rev. 0 and Bluetooth. Twist the Nokia 7705 handset will be present in the color of Xpress-on ™ black and purple. Twist the Nokia 7705 phone also support Mobile Email, Mobile Web Mail, Chat and Blogs. Unique design of the Nokia 7705 mobile phone is a dimensionless Twist 2.71 "x 2.71" x 0:59 ", 3:44 oz denganb weight was able to survive when the 312 hours standby and 270 minutes talktime.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Download Opera Mini 5

Software Opera mobile browser has been set up Opera Mini 5, Wednesday (18/09) yesterday, of course, with multi-user features and new interface. Opera Mini 5 browser has support for phones with Java ME features, such as Windows Mobile and BlackBerry smartphones. Enjoy Free Download Opera Mini 5 here

Opera Mini has 5 multi-platform compatible with compression technology for use server-side which can save bandwidth and hardware needs of the complex to surf the web from mobile devices.

Opera said that the Opera Mini 5 mobile browser beta version it will go up to compress the page before 90 percent sent to your mobile. With so much to save time loading web pages. Opera Mini 5 also adds a tab browsing, password manager, improvisation scrolling, and user interface to better support handset with touchscreen features.

Opera also adds features 'speed dial' to bookmarks visually when the user wants to open a new tab. Opera Mini 5 browser beta version this can be downloaded directly via the link below

Download here

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blackberry Onyx

Figure latest Blackberry Onyx is taken from Ad Marketing T-Mobile is being prepared, as well as the writings contained in the Ad precursor which concluded Blackberry Onyx as a mobile phone with a design Premium Black high-gloss and contour skin on back of the phone, while also have features such as 3G for fast browsing, Wi-Fi, Voicemail and Email Client, integrated applications such as Blackberry App World including the Amazon MP3 Store for downloading music with ease and TeleNav GPS navigator as a guide.

The plan will Blackberry Onyx released this November by T-Mobile, until now the name Onyx is still in use for this phone, like Blackberry 9700 name will still appear on the back of this blackberry phone. Rumor: There is a difference between the Blackberry Onyx specification of the release of individual operators like AT & T will release Onyx uses the same processor with the Blackberry Bold 9000, while T-Mobile with a different processor, but it seems that devices released by T-Mobile will prevail throughout the world, all waiting for RIM announced the certainty of it all, including the naming right for this blackberry.

Is Blackberry Onyx, or Blackberry 9700 or Blackberry Bold 9700?

Download Smadav 2009 Rev. 6.3

SmadAV 2009 Rev 6.3 a refinement of previous versions. The following is a complete list of 2009 Rev. SmadAV Improvement. 6.3:

* Improvement of handling and Alman sality virus that infects exe files
* Added icon in the explorer right click "Scan with SmadAV"
* Improved bug in the explorer right click "Scan with SmadAV" which opened a lot of scanners
* Improvements to the structure of the virus detection engine

Smadav 2009 Rev. 6.3 : Download here

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Download ANSAV 2 Beta V2.0.49

ANSAV 2 Beta updated 2049 version September 8, 2009, comes with the ability tolal virus detection in 1439

ANSAV 2 Beta V2.0.49 [portable] : Download here
ANSAV 2 Beta V2.0.49 [installer] : Download here

Nokia E72

Nokia E72 is expected to gain at least the same success with the previous types such as E71 and E63.

Nokia E72 comes with the latest technology and are equipped with features Nokia Mesaging. When working with telecommunication operators in Indonesia's deal, consumers can instantly enjoy a subscription packages such as BlackBerry Connect data through the phone.

Nokia E72 has interesting specifications such as the 5 megapixel camera, 3.5 mm audio jack, download and upload speeds faster three times compared with the previous series, compass and GPS, VoIP, and e-mail. The phone dimensions 11.4 x5, 8x 1 cm, and weight 128 grams.

Before the launch in Indonesia, it was announced the phone will be sold at a price of U.S. $ 487 per unit or about Rp 5 million-Rp6 million per unit. Nokia still retaining the form of E72 Qwerty like E71.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Download PCMAV 2.1a Valkyrie Update 1+ Clamav (624.796 virus)

Finally I provide a download link PCMAV 2.1A Update Build 1, this time in version 2.1A to further increase the virus database which can be detected then my PCMAV virus combined with a database of Clamav Antivirus. If you are going to try it you can read how in the readme.txt (in the download package). There is enough clear manual. But if you do not want to be bothered and wanted to download so you can download it at the link I provide below (first way) or 3 times a download (the latter). PCMAV Version 2.1A I integrate with engine Clamav 0.95.2 (latest for now). With this joint (the first way) then the virus database (total) to 624,796 viruses. Most likely will be greater numbers by the second.

Note: For the combined Clamav PCMAV and I did the steps listed in the readme.txt. As an alternative because some steps in the readme.txt not the way you can download the file Microsoft.VC80.CRT then place in folder / plugins / clamav.


* The first (1 x download-size files + - 25 MB)
o Download PCMAV 2.1A Update Build 1 + Clamav: Link (.
* The second (3 x download)
o Download this file (. or this (. size 2.9 MB, then extract
o Download the main database Clamav here (20 MB), and daily Clamav database here (1.9 Mb), then place (combined with other files there) two files in the folder / plugins / clamav in the extract of the first file. Use the IDM (Internet Download Manager) or FDM (Free Download Manager) to speed up downloading this database), if you do not have IDM can download here
o The second way is likely to result in the detection of more than the first way because the database is up to date, and is also likely to be much faster because the virus database files Clamav support IDM and FDM)


If PCMAV RTP can not run (error), then try deleting files in RTPScan.dll and RTPSvc.exe c: \ windows \ system32.

Download PCMAV 2.1a- Valkyrie Update 1

Coincided with the publication of the magazine edition 10/2009 PCMedia, PCMAV again present. With labels PCMAV 2.1A Valkyrie Update 1, PCMAV was able to detect 2954 viruses that circulated in Indonesia.

With the addition of the virus database 10 Update Build 1, the total detection PCMAV 2.1A Update 1 is 2964 virus.

New in PCMAV 2.1A:

1. UPDATED! Added to the database 71 identifying and cleaning local virus / foreign / new variants spread in Indonesia reported. Total 2954 virus and its variants, including variants Conficker sophisticated viruses that circulated in Indonesia, many well-known in this version 2.1A.
2. Improved! Added a special cleanser that can handle a lot Smansa virus spread in Indonesia.
3. Improved! Heuristic engine to detect polymorphic variants of the virus-nan many complex circulating in Indonesia.
4. BUG FIXED! Error detection (false alarms) heuristic on some programs and scripts.
5. Improved! Change some names to follow new variant viruses found.
6. Improved! Fixes some minor bugs and improvisation internal code to ensure that the remains can be PCMAV antivirus Indonesian pride.

Download PCMAV 2.1a- Valkyrie Update 1 - Download here

Download ANSAV 2 Beta V2.0.48

Currently there Download ANSAV 2 Beta V2.0.47, ANSAV 2 Beta V2.0.48 version has emerged. In this version there seems little change in the main program, because virus database as much as 1422 with the version number 2.0.47 as of August 29, 2009.

ANSAV still present in version 2 version of the installer (the version that can be installed into the computer) and the portable version (the version that can run without the need to install).

ANSAV 2 Beta V2.0.48 [portable] : Download Here
ANSAV 2 Beta V2.0.48 [installer] : Download Here

Download ANSAV 2 Beta V2.0.47

After a long wait and not go out the latest version, ANSAV 2 Beta V2.0.47 finally come. With a database of 1422 ANSAV virus still present in version 2. This version is the installer (the version that can be installed into the computer) and the portable version (the version that can run without the need to install).

ANSAV 2 Beta V2.0.47 [portable] : Download Here
ANSAV 2 Beta V2.0.47 [installer] : Download Here

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Booklet 3G Nokia | US$ 820

Rumors that Booklet 3G Nokia will be in the price premium was not a gossip. In fact, the price of Booklet 3G Nokia is the target Nokia is more expensive than the previous rumors. Namely the number 575 Euros or U.S. $ 820.

Quoted from Tomshardware, the price of the Nokia with the conditions given not receive subsidies. That is, if netbook Nokia's 3G booklet models sold with bundling, the selling price is expected to be suppressed.

Well, what price after getting their own bundling it depends on the carrier or business partner Siemens, how much subsidy they would give to Netbook Nokia is.

John Hwang, Head of Business Division Laptops Alcatel said, the Finnish company that intends to market 3G Nokia Booklet in a way bound by the internet service provider. It is believed to give added value to compete with its rivals in the portable computer market.

When compared with netbooks in general on the market today, Booklet 3G Nokia does have advantages in some cases. The most striking is the ability of the claimed battery stand 12 hours.

This is normal course. For unmitigated, apparently the largest mobile phone maker slipped log 16 cell battery on 3G Booklet. Compare with other netbook range most only lasted 2-4 hours with supplied battery cells 3-6.

Another advantage is the on-screen 10-inch high-definiton, features A-GPS, and service Ovi Suite is already integrated. As for offal use Z530 Intel Atom processor, 120 GB hard drive, 1 GB RAM, OS Windows 7 and slicked with a 1.3 mega pixel camera.

Download Smadav 2009 Rev 6.2

SmadAV 2009 Rev version 6.2 is a refinement SmadAV 2009 Rev. 6. The following is a complete list of SmadAV 2009 Rev.6.2 Improvement :

* Detection of sality virus that infects other programs
* Clean porn videos virus more accurate and complete
* Improved False Detection in a script file
* Improved False Detection in some dll files are detected as Conficker
* Create a shortcut on the desktop when installing SmaRTP
* Improvement of detection Hidden Files on Flashdisk
* Completion of the virus database structure
* Engine Scanner largely replaced by new techniques
* Completion of quarantine feature
* Improved the failure of the automatic scan flashdisk
* Added icon in the list of virus detection and quarantine
* Making smadav.log files after scanning is faster
* The install SmadAV the Program Files folder in the Windows folder is not longer

Download Here

Download Smadav 2009 Rev. 6

SmadAV 2009 Rev. 6 finally released to the public after the refined and tested for a month or more in the lab SmadAV. The revision this time is the biggest revision ever done in SmadAV. It could be said SmadAV 2009 Rev. 6 is the best version ever SmadAV. So many improvements have been made, the main improvement is the engine scanner, quarantine feature, registration key protection, error handling, and much more. For a more complete list please see the bottom.

In SmadAV Rev. 6 times this has added detection and cleaning thoroughly local 100 new viruses, among which are many viruses spread is AlbumBokep, Yuyun, Deadlock, Fullhouse, etc.. From this moment will be more accurate SmadAV the removal / cleaning of files, document files (doc or xls) now can be cleaned from virus infection without mengkarantinanya. SmadAV Rev. 6 using the scanning technique and a new heuristic faster and more accurate for detecting viruses existing in the database and the new variant virus.

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Samsung B3310

Samsung did not want to lose to come into stylish phone for teenagers. This time the phone with Samsung presents the B3310 type judging from the design, Samsung B3310 is designed for teenagers or young-minded consumers.

Samsung B3310 has a design that somewhat resembles the Nokia 6760 Surge. This phone is the slider design adopted by Qwerty keyboard. Which is a bit odd is the location of the number keys, which is placed in rows on the left side of the phone.

But when we opened his slider qwerty, then we will feel that the location of this number keys, the keyboard reflect the numbers we used to use everyday.

Samsung B3310 features of 2.1-inch screen with a resolution of 176x220 pixels. It is not too large. It also instilled sized 2-megapixel camera that can record video. Other features fairly standard, such as FM radio, Bluetooth, GSM / GPRS and so on.

For the memory business, has invested an internal memory of 40Mb, and if we still lack a place, has provided a microSD slot for memory.

What is unique to Samsung B3310 mobile phone is, access to facebook, Flickr, and Myspace and other social networking can be done easily, because it only needs to press the button only once.

Until now, the new Samsung B3310 is devoted to the European market, do not know if samsung will sell this type to the asia region as well or not.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X5

Sony Ericsson Xperia, Xperia X2 and X3 has not officially released, but now has come Sony Ericsson XPERIA X5 although still in draft version. Handset in the concept code-named Nadine does not seem to belong to an official from Sony Ericsson, but only be the work of one user at Esato.

Though projected as a future handsets, but has features that Sony Ericsson Xperia X5 nothing too revolutionary. Like touch screen measuring 3.5, the ability to take high-definition video and 12MP camera. The most interesting is the design of its QWERTY keyboard that looks very futuristic. Sony Ericsson XPERIA X5 version is displayed in three colors: Chrome Silver, Ocean Blue and Orange Sunny.

Nokia N900

According Murtazin Eldar from, has spread the news about the appearance of image detail Nokia RX-51 or the tablet Nokia N900 Maemo 5 latest. However, not yet known whether the news directly from Motorola or not, because so far the party of Nokia is still a secret prototype device is the Nokia N900.

Eldar said, N900 Internet tablet device that has a sliding QWERTY keyboard, and has a shape similar to the Nokia N97. While for the 5 megapixel camera N900 with Carl Zeiss Tessar lens F2.8 is no different as there is in the mobile phone Nokia N97, only the plus lens shutter to keep the lens from dust. Lens shutter feature is the only one to feature the Symbian S60-based phones are.

While the microSD card support up to 12GB on a panel hidden in the phone. Handset Nokia RX-51 or N900 has support 1320 mAh battery onboard. Smartphone Nokia N900 is built by using the processor ARM Cortex-A8 and carry 32GB of internal memory. There is also a microUSB jack to recharge the battery via the USB port of a PC and a TV-out. According to Eldar, the user interface, a smooth transition, the visual effects and features 800x480 pixel screen resolution non-touchscreen N900 was also more like the Apple iPhone. Browser application is running stable, and has support flash, video and applets. Your Nokia N900 is expected to be signed at the end of 2009 with prices ranging from 550 Euros or $ 783.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Samsung S3100

Samsung finally been officially announced about his plans to release a new mobile middle class that carries the slider design. In the near future, the latest phones Samsung S3100 will begin the release to the market.

Rumors about the latest Samsung mobile phones that had emerged around mid-July last, the truth has now been recognized by the Samsung. But the new Samsung will release a claim to market new phones in the near future. Means in all likelihood, Samsung S3100 will be released to the market starting this August.

Samsung S3100, this is the name for the middle class phone that Samsung introduced. S3100 carrying slider design, if considered in terms of design and a quick look similar to the Samsung U600. But in terms of performance, the Samsung S3100 is not less powerful than the output phones Samsung previously.

Specifications owned Samsung S3100 is not much different from the information leaks that had already been circulated among the media. Samsung S3100 can run with the networking Quad-band GSM / GPRS / EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz). For display, Samsung offers a 2.1-inch TFT display with 176 x 220p resolution and 262k colors.

In addition, other features offered are not much different from many mobile phones already on the market. Such as Bluetooth 2.1, MP3 Player, FM Radio, Web Browser NetFront 3.5, email, 1.3 MP camera and supports microSD memory cards.

For the battery is very strong offer. With a 800 mAh battery, the Samsung S3100 can last up to 530 minutes talk-time mode, while for the standby mode capable of reaching 490 hours in a one-time charge. Thus, this measure somewhat stronger than the other phones in its class. So you no longer need to worry about running out of battery while on the move or important moments you are.

Samsung S3100 dimension 47 x 95 x 14.9 mm and weighs owned only 99.2 grams. In addition, Samsung also offers two color choices are quite interesting. For you real men might choose Samsung S3100 Black color, while for women who want to look glamorous enough to select the color pink. But all returned again to taste each of you.

So far, Samsung has not announced how much the price for Samsung S3100. But most likely, Samsung will membandrol relative prices are not too high.

NetBook Nokia

Nokia wants to participate produce long netbook sounded. Indications are growing stronger, after the CEO of Nokia to clarify the issue. Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallavuo said, in one event in New Delhi, India, if Nokia saw a great opportunity to join the netbook market enliven the more vivid now. Although not explicitly say Nokia raced at netbook segment, but Olli Pekka was very encouraging netbook Nokia.

"PCs and mobile phones created a big opportunity. And Nokia interested to bring the PC and phone," he said.

"Netbook that is part of the PC industry, providing ample opportunity for Nokia," said Pekka.

Unfortunately, the opportunity, the company is based in Finland, not to justify the outstanding issues if, newer products that will pitch in February next year.

In addition, other rumors also mentioned that Nokia will begin to make a netbook with Google's Android operating system. This desire is done Nokia, because Nokia 'conscious self'. Because indeed, been known as Motorola's largest mobile phone maker in the world, but not for the PC. For this reason, need a different approach and gradual.

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition

Nokia presents the Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition. The phone is a variant of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, but this time more priority than the music navigation features. Design and appearance are the same as the Nokia 5800 XM, which distinguishes only silver accents on the edges.

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition comes with support the latest Ovi Maps and voice-guided licenses Drive and Walk navigation are valid for eternity. Apparently the feature only applies in some countries only. In addition to the additional navigation features, the other specifications of this phone is the same as before.

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition will be released in the near future, around the end of the third quarter. Price Navigation 5800 is € 285, or about $ 410. With the addition of Nokia Car-kit and Car Charger in packaging.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Download BlackBerry Applications

There are a lot of BlackBerry applications are available. You can search for it on sites such as official / select / appworld,, or other sites. Here are 18 applications that can make your BlackBerry more fun.

There is a free, have a paid. There are serious, you have to invite rileks.

1. Opera Mini
This browser is not an alternative as soon as the browser built-in BlackBerry 4.5, but will serve the page and zoom parts of the screen as if viewed with a normal PC.

2. Flickr
Flickr of the application, you can go directly to the camera or choose a photo from the media card or one of your media directory.

3. Facebook
Wow this must have been legal. Very easy to update the status, read the message, and send messages to friends walls and send photos directly to the page of your images with the application is free.

4. NewsGator Go!
Sign up for a free account NewsGatorOnline or tautkan to your existing account. Web reader is free and members can synchronize NewsGator Online that you use. So if you're using FeedDemon on a PC or NetNewsWire on the Mac, all feeds that can be accessed on another computer or in your BlackBerry using the web reader NewsGator.

5. BBMetaBlog
Like in the WordPress blog using Blogger for BlackBerry? But if you use a blog-based XML-RPC, try BBMetaBlog. This application is actually designed for a custom blog-engine for Lotus Domino, not for WordPress or other systems that use MetaWeblog API implementation of XML-RPC, but can be used. Set only access the URL to your XMLRPC URI! Tagging can not be here, but this is faster than the post with Opera Mini.

6. Google Suite
Mobile applications for BlackBerry is really tasty. Gmail is fast, simple Google Nees page crawled and mobile mapping tool is good. Google Sync for BlackBerry to keep your BlackBerry calendar sync with Google Calendar in two directions.

7. Sudoku
This game has already created a lot of people hooked. Its unregistered version does not allow you to download new puzzles every day, but there are many game with three difficulty levels. Suitable time to kill.

8. Age of Empires III
PC Games This classic BlackBerry allows users to create their own culture and pasukannya to the world. Grafisnya is not as well as on the PC, but attractive enough for a mobile game that was U.S. $ 9.99.

9. Dexrex SMS backup
Ever accidentally delete a text message that is actually important? Do not worry, Dexrex can help you get it back. This application stores and archives all messages to create a text entry and exit through your BlackBerry and lets you access them with just into account protected by a password on their website.

10. Exigis Mileage Tracker
Designed for businesses that often travel, Mileage Tracker interesting that cost $ 4.99 U.S. This enables users to record the distance they have of the spreadsheet and send to the company's mileage.

11. StormLock
BlackBerry Storm can do that many things, but in this device you could accidentally eliminate all incoming calls because of your face too close to the field of touch screen clicks. Atasi with this lack of StormLock. Applications made Steelthorn Software for U.S. $ 2.99 This temporary lock the screen your calls when you are calling. StormLock automatically die when all the calls you make.

12. Salesforce Mobile
Applications from is very suitable for salesmen who want to manage your contact list. If you are a printer vendor, for example, you can sort the contact list you as a sales account, opportunity, and the need to follow-up. This application also helps users keep track of sales and account log-on to a database. This application is downloadable for free, but you can utilize to be a customer.

13. Aerize Explorer
This is an application for anyone who try to send a large file via the phone. With Aerize Explorer, BlackBerry users can men-zip and unzip files, so do not spend in the levying of space. Unfortunately this application does not belong Aerize free, but allowed to charge U.S. $ 4.99.

14. Antair Spam Filter
Spam filter is not dependent on the push e-mail the corporate server. This is mounted directly to your BlackBerry and prevent spam that is sent to the device itself. This product Antair Corporation berbiaya U.S. $ 49.99.

15. Voice to Email
Reason behind this application is simple: you record a voicemail and send it via e-mail. If you want to try the product Better Day Wireless Inc. this, you can simply set up fund of U.S. $ 2.99.

16. Motoscope Video for Webcams
This application let users get the live streaming video from any Web-based IP camera to its BlackBerry. SHAPE Services GmbH, manufacturer, interest costs of U.S. $ 19.99

17. ToDoMatrix Professional
Personal organizer that made the list of "to-do" allows users to import tasks from a different BlackBerry applications, including e-mail and calendar. Also features a "multi-variable filtering" so you can sort tasks into 30 categories. Prepare U.S. $ 19.99 if you want to use this product REXwireless.

18. WorldMate Live
This free application certainly interesting for those who travel frequently. WorldMate to help make the hotel reservation, flight schedule to receive updates and view maps that guide you directly to your hotel, the location of the meeting or the airport. Updata also provides weather and information exchange.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nokia E72

Courage as the Nokia E71 smart phone Nokia are soon replaced by the Nokia E72. This mobile phone is estimated to be present in the country at the end of the year. "Nokia E72 will soon go to Indonesia in the fourth quarter this year 2009," said Product Marketing Manager Nokia Indonesia Trisnawan Tjipto, when talking after the event Nokia 'Connection My World', in the Restaurant Segarra, Ancol, Jakarta, Selasa (11 / 8 / 2009) night.

"As a successor, the Nokia E72 has a segment that is the same as the E71 which is for the business segment. The Messaging Email the application," added Tris, Trisnawan call.

Nokia E72 introduced themselves to the event titled Nokia Connection held in Singapore, coinciding with the CommuniAsia. At that time, other than the Nokia E72 also released two other series, namely 3710 and 5530 ExpresMusic.

With the concept of candy bars, E72 remain on full qwerty keyboard, plus a navigation key Optical Navi Key, which makes it easier to do in the event in each menu. The change is visible from the camera is increased to 5 megapixel, including standard audio jack 3.5 mm.

Meanwhile, for editing and writing documents, the Nokia E72 is still using Windows Office 2007 applications. However, Nokia gives free upgarde when the application will have the latest Windows Office.

Furthermore, Trisnawan Nokia also said that Indonesia will continue to issue a series of own mobile phone. He predicts up to the end of this year, will have at least five series that will be launched vendor of origin is Finland.

Blackberry 9700

Some pictures from the BlackBerry 9700 was successfully obtained by Crackberry. Although there is no official statement, BlackBerry 9700 handset that was first made in April seems to be launched soon in the USA via T-Mobile, look at the bottom of the logo of the smartphone.

BlackBerry 9700 is one of the Rim BlackBerry smartphone does not have a trackball, an optical-but like the trackpad on the BlackBerry Curve 8520. In addition, 9700 is also equipped with 3G, WiFi, 480x360 pixel display and QWERTY keyboard of course. Full specification of Blacberry 9700 still do not have the official news

Monday, August 10, 2009

Blacberry 8520

Airtel India and T-Mobile USA became the first two operators in the world to release a BlackBerry Curve 8520. In the USA, Blackberry 8520 just released, while in India, will be launched on 7 August.

After the two countries, BlackBerry 8520 coming soon in the UK and other countries. BlackBerry as the cheapest price is offered with a U.S. $ 366 in India and U.S. $ 129.99 by T-Mobile, the version available in Black color and Frost.

Curve 8520 is also expected to be immediately present in Indonesia in the near future once released in other countries such as the previous been informed.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Samsung Dual-SIMCard C3212 DuoS

DuoS Samsung C3212 is the latest candybar type mobile phone that Samsung has a feature of dual-SIMCard. Phone only offers a standard specification and target consumer class low-end. No information about the detail specifications Samsung Dual-SIMCard C3212 DuoS, even in the picture above simply have doubts whether or not color screen.

C3212 DuoS Samsung released in the near future in Russia with a price of about U.S. $ 196. After that follow present in other European countries. Samsung Dual-SIMCard C3212 DuoS does not seem to be released in the other countries except Europe.

E63, E71 and E75 Will Be a Competitor Blackberry Gemini

Blackberry Gemini will soon enter the BB as the most inexpensive, it is expected that the market will damage the Nokia smartphone. Really? Be CEO of PT Parastar Echorindo Hary Hartono, Nokia distributor partners, if the sale of Nokia, especially Nokia E63, Nokia E71 and Nokia E75, will not be affected with the presence of Gemini. Even third phone sales increased 20 percent since April.

"I heard that Gemini will be sold with the price of Rp 3,5 million. That means, the cheaper price of E63 million Rp3. And I think consumers are still looking for the cheapest," Hary firm, after the word Care Country Manager Nokia Indonesia Jay Exconde, when inaugurate Nokia Center in the latest Roxy Mas, Jakarta, Rabu (5/8/2009).

Furthermore, the third Nokia mobile phones is an increase mash. Evidence of this is that demand is always exhausted at the Nokia store. Add Hary, July is the month that most sales in the second quarter this.

So, be spelled out the Nokia E63, Nokia E71 and Nokia E75 to be the last stronghold for the BB Gemini. Moreover, the three price series are still relatively mobile phone standard.

"Price can still go down, if the Gemini will conduct more hard. Because, it can be a strategy for Nokia. Moreover, Nokia is also bundling the service do, in order to coddle customers," he said.

In addition to the third device, it is very difficult for Nokia to intercept Blackberry. The latest Nokia smart phones is still at the top of the other less than Rp5 million. For example, the Nokia N97 that has the price Rp7 million

Blackberry Gemini

Although it still would not have the schedule of the rim, but if the rim can meet the target for the government finished building a full service on August 21 selling future, then certainly from a BlackBerry handset back will coloring the Indonesian market. One of them is the BlackBerry 9300 Gemini.

Based on information from XL, Indosat and Axis via Vivanews, Rim has been scheduled for release Blackberry Gemini in July this. But delayed because they need to complete the full-service office selling first. When the rim is able to meet a due, the Gemini Blackberry 9300 can be found in the market before Lebaran later. Interestingly, it seems the handset will be offered with a relatively affordable price, at around Rp 2 million.

In terms of specifications, Gemini 9300 may still be slightly under Javelin 8900. Blackberry camera from Gemini have only 2 MP and quality of the material also does not boast too. However, Gemini 9300 has the memory capacity is greater and WiFi support.

Monday, August 3, 2009

BlackBerry Pluto (Bold 9900) dan Magnum (Bold 9220)

2 Blackberry specification that will soon be present, namely Pluto (Bold 9900) and Magnum (Bold 9220) has been circulating on the internet. While the rim has not opened its own information related to this news about the Blackberry Pluto (Bold 9900) and Magnum (Bold 9220)

As news detikINET from softpedia, on Monday (3/8/2009) Blackberry Pluto will have a good control function, the touch screen, as well as a QWERTY keypad. Meanwhile, Blackberry Magnum as suksesor of Bold, are complete with self-3G.

Blackberry Bold 9900 Pluto or attend September. With 128 MB ROM and 128 MB RAM, Pluto will have a touch screen of 2.6 inch with resolution 480 x 360-pixels.

Meanwhile, as much as 3.1 MP camera with auto focus and LED, 3.5 audio jack, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, micro USB, Wi-fi, GPS will be on Pluto. Bold as the successor shall, Pluto appears to still be using the trackball, and not the trackpad.

On the other hand, Magnum or Blackberry Bold 9220 is also present September. Magnum will have a Marvell PXA930 624 MHz processor, with RAM and ROM, as Pluto.

Other features are as follows: 2.4-inch display with a resolution of 480 x 360-pixel, 3.5 mm audio jack, 3.1-megapixel camera, GPS, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, Wi-Fi, micro-USB, TrackBall, and QWERTY keypad.

Both phones also have BlackBerry OS 4.7, with GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, UMTS850, UMTS1900, UMTS2100, CSD, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, and HSDPA connectivity.

Monday, July 27, 2009

S9110 Samsung Phone Watch

Finally, Samsung also issued a watch phone that will be the rival of LG mobile phone watch. Samsung S9110 is a watch mobile phone with only 11.98 mm thickness which is the most thin in the world at this time.

Samsung S9110 watch has the size 1.76 inch touch screen, Bluetooth, Voice Recognition, Email (Outlook), Speakerphone and music player.

From the day their own hands, using the S9110 anti scratch glass, body in stainless steel and leather for the tape (belt).

Samsung S9110 watch this event will start in France with the sale price of € 450.

Nokia 6760 Slide

Nokia Surge mobile phones recently released by AT & T in the United States, will present a version with the name of Asia 6760 Slide. S60 smartphone targeting consumers who are active in social networking sites. Nokia 6760 slide comes with a 2.4-inch QVGA screen, 3MP camera, quad-band GSM, HSDPA 3.6Mbps, A-GPS, Bluetooth A2DP, WiFi and QWERTY sliding keyboard.

In addition, the Nokia 6760 Slide also supports applications such as Ovi Chat chat, Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk. Not yet known Nokia 6760 Slide will be released with the price. Based on news from CNET Asia, Nokia 6760 Slide will be present in the version of the color black for the first time, followed by the version of red and white over time.

Friday, July 24, 2009