Friday, August 21, 2009

Download BlackBerry Applications

There are a lot of BlackBerry applications are available. You can search for it on sites such as official / select / appworld,, or other sites. Here are 18 applications that can make your BlackBerry more fun.

There is a free, have a paid. There are serious, you have to invite rileks.

1. Opera Mini
This browser is not an alternative as soon as the browser built-in BlackBerry 4.5, but will serve the page and zoom parts of the screen as if viewed with a normal PC.

2. Flickr
Flickr of the application, you can go directly to the camera or choose a photo from the media card or one of your media directory.

3. Facebook
Wow this must have been legal. Very easy to update the status, read the message, and send messages to friends walls and send photos directly to the page of your images with the application is free.

4. NewsGator Go!
Sign up for a free account NewsGatorOnline or tautkan to your existing account. Web reader is free and members can synchronize NewsGator Online that you use. So if you're using FeedDemon on a PC or NetNewsWire on the Mac, all feeds that can be accessed on another computer or in your BlackBerry using the web reader NewsGator.

5. BBMetaBlog
Like in the WordPress blog using Blogger for BlackBerry? But if you use a blog-based XML-RPC, try BBMetaBlog. This application is actually designed for a custom blog-engine for Lotus Domino, not for WordPress or other systems that use MetaWeblog API implementation of XML-RPC, but can be used. Set only access the URL to your XMLRPC URI! Tagging can not be here, but this is faster than the post with Opera Mini.

6. Google Suite
Mobile applications for BlackBerry is really tasty. Gmail is fast, simple Google Nees page crawled and mobile mapping tool is good. Google Sync for BlackBerry to keep your BlackBerry calendar sync with Google Calendar in two directions.

7. Sudoku
This game has already created a lot of people hooked. Its unregistered version does not allow you to download new puzzles every day, but there are many game with three difficulty levels. Suitable time to kill.

8. Age of Empires III
PC Games This classic BlackBerry allows users to create their own culture and pasukannya to the world. Grafisnya is not as well as on the PC, but attractive enough for a mobile game that was U.S. $ 9.99.

9. Dexrex SMS backup
Ever accidentally delete a text message that is actually important? Do not worry, Dexrex can help you get it back. This application stores and archives all messages to create a text entry and exit through your BlackBerry and lets you access them with just into account protected by a password on their website.

10. Exigis Mileage Tracker
Designed for businesses that often travel, Mileage Tracker interesting that cost $ 4.99 U.S. This enables users to record the distance they have of the spreadsheet and send to the company's mileage.

11. StormLock
BlackBerry Storm can do that many things, but in this device you could accidentally eliminate all incoming calls because of your face too close to the field of touch screen clicks. Atasi with this lack of StormLock. Applications made Steelthorn Software for U.S. $ 2.99 This temporary lock the screen your calls when you are calling. StormLock automatically die when all the calls you make.

12. Salesforce Mobile
Applications from is very suitable for salesmen who want to manage your contact list. If you are a printer vendor, for example, you can sort the contact list you as a sales account, opportunity, and the need to follow-up. This application also helps users keep track of sales and account log-on to a database. This application is downloadable for free, but you can utilize to be a customer.

13. Aerize Explorer
This is an application for anyone who try to send a large file via the phone. With Aerize Explorer, BlackBerry users can men-zip and unzip files, so do not spend in the levying of space. Unfortunately this application does not belong Aerize free, but allowed to charge U.S. $ 4.99.

14. Antair Spam Filter
Spam filter is not dependent on the push e-mail the corporate server. This is mounted directly to your BlackBerry and prevent spam that is sent to the device itself. This product Antair Corporation berbiaya U.S. $ 49.99.

15. Voice to Email
Reason behind this application is simple: you record a voicemail and send it via e-mail. If you want to try the product Better Day Wireless Inc. this, you can simply set up fund of U.S. $ 2.99.

16. Motoscope Video for Webcams
This application let users get the live streaming video from any Web-based IP camera to its BlackBerry. SHAPE Services GmbH, manufacturer, interest costs of U.S. $ 19.99

17. ToDoMatrix Professional
Personal organizer that made the list of "to-do" allows users to import tasks from a different BlackBerry applications, including e-mail and calendar. Also features a "multi-variable filtering" so you can sort tasks into 30 categories. Prepare U.S. $ 19.99 if you want to use this product REXwireless.

18. WorldMate Live
This free application certainly interesting for those who travel frequently. WorldMate to help make the hotel reservation, flight schedule to receive updates and view maps that guide you directly to your hotel, the location of the meeting or the airport. Updata also provides weather and information exchange.