Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Egyptian Tattoos

Egyptian tattoos are very beautiful in nature and with such a variety of artwork to choose from, it can be difficult deciding on simply one design.

Some of the most common Egyptian tattoos include, The eye of Horus (sound eye, Wadjet) which is believed by many to possess power, prosperity, protection and wisdom.

Other popular Egyptian god tattoos include, Hathor the Goddess of love, music, dance and is represented by cow horns and a sundisk on the head. Anubis is know as the god of embalming and is represented by the head of a jackal. Ma'at is known as the goddess of justice and is seen with an ostrich feather in her hair along with winged armed.

Enjoy these beautiful pictures of wonderful tattoo ideas.

Cats were highly regarded by many ancient Egyptians and were better known by the name "mau". Its quite common to see Egyptian themed cat tattoos.

These type of tattoos are seen on various locations of the body, with the back and arms being the most common areas.

Other Egyptian tattoo designs that are quite popular is the Scarab Beetle, which is often seen in the form of an amulet. And of course the very common Ankh (Cross) which is perhaps the most recognizable symbol of ancient Egypt, along with the mysteriously intriguing hieroglyphics.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Eagle Tattoos

As we mentioned before, if you are an animal lover and seeking a bird tattoo of any type, you are in for a treat, because bird tattoos are hands down some of the most captivatingly beautiful works of art on the market.

Not surprisingly eagle tattoos are perhaps the most common of all bird designs, which comes naturally for those of us in America, when you consider that eagles go hand in hand with the American flag and are symbolic of freedom, prosperity and patriotism towards the United States.

Enjoy this picture gallery of fantastic eagle artwork which will most certainly help you come up with a few ideas.

The most common location for an eagle tattoo includes the back, chest, bicep and calf area.

As for the details of the actual design, it seems that many people like to have the eagle donning open wings to appear in flight or perhaps swooping or striking its prey.

Some people choose to combined multiple designs into one piece of art, however unlike many other tattoo ideas, an eagle is such a prominently beautiful creature they look exceptionally bold as a stand along piece of artwork.

Sleeve Tattoos For Girls

Clearly there is not limit in the range of designs a girl can choose from when selecting a sleeve tattoo, however we've determined that the most common sleeve tattoos for women often include flowers, sometimes as the centerpiece or perhaps to complement a larger design.

Green vegetation sleeve tattoo idea for women.
Large flower and peacock idea.
Colorful artwork with four leaf clovers.
Nautical star with large rose.
Youthful toy inspired art.
Bright cosmic design picture.

Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

The quarter sleeve tattoo is a partial design which starts at the top of the shoulder and usually extends to just above the bicep area. And despite these shorter sleeve designs being rather small in size, they really pack a punch, as you can includes several smaller tattoo designs within this compact quarter sleeve.
Skull and flowers quarter idea.
Aztec inspired quarter tattoo.
Voodoo skull and vegetation art.
Japanese dragon and crystal ball idea.
Koi fish and water artwork.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Amazing Girl Back Tattoo Pictures

Spider Sexy Girl Tattoos

Butterfly Tattoos Picture

Bird Girl Back Tattoo Pictures

Thailand Tattoos Machine

Perfect Tattoos Machine

Thailand Tattoos Machine

USA Girl Tattoo Festival

USA Girl Tattoo Festival Pictures

USA Girl Tattoo Festival Art

USA Girl Breast Tattoo Festival

USA Girl Tattoo Festival

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nokia C1 Dual SIM card Mobile Phone

Nokia, Finland's largest manufacturer of mobile phone reportedly will issue a dual SIM card. Currently Nokia is preparing a GSM ON GSM mobile phone named Nokia C1 has ever been heard in June. However, the new plan can be implemented today.

Later, the first country that will have the opportunity to feel the ability of Nokia Dual SIM cards, this is Nigeria, which is one of the countries in Africa. In Africa, Nokia will launch the Nokia C1 to rival China which is growing in countries classified as such.

With the presence of Nokia in the West African region, C1 would be expected to Nokia phones that can be surpassed and easy to use, and users simply press a button in order to replace another card access.

Advantages of this Nokia C1 has a battery life is longer, which can last up to six weeks in a state of stand-by. This is the longest endurance when compared with other Nokia phone which is only able to survive only two to four days.

For C1 price certainty can not be known, which would be cheaper than other Nokia phones dual SIM, such as Nokia C2 is priced at $ 39. Nokia C1 mobile phone will be present at the 4th quarter 2010

BlackBerry Bold R020

Some time ago have been found leaked presentation product called the BlackBerry Bold R020 by BGR, which has a shape similar to Blackberry 9700, but with better specifications. There are two versions: without a camera and put up with 5 MP camera.

BlackBerry Bold R020 has twice the memory of the Bold 9700. R020 using BlackBerry OS 6 that has internet connection capabilities better than ever. In addition, Bold R020 can also run applications from memory card, so it is more flexible than Bold 9700 edition

Miley Cyrus Has First Tattoo All Planned Out By Ashley M Ford

The Disney star can't seem to keep herself out of scandals and she is only 16 years old. First it was the topless photo shoot that caused some much drama, even though she had a bed sheet covering herself and all you could see what her back. She is also involved in a law suit regrading all the Asians in CA , due to a photo of her pretending she was Asians. She is also ridiculed for her close relationship to her father, well one more thing can be added to that list, a tattoo.

Miley is not quite of age to get a tattoo just yet but that hasn't stopped her from wanting to get one. Like most girls Miley's age they want a tattoo. Well it seems Miley has already picked out what she wants as her first tattoo and to the seasoned tattoo person its the ultimate tattoo no no. This tattoo design that Miley has picked out is not the wisest of tattoo design. She wants to get the initials of her 20 year old boyfriend, Justin Gaston.

One would think that her parents Billy Ray and Tish would put their foot down and advise their daughter that getting the initials of a boyfriend who is more than likely just a teenager love affair is not the best idea. But it seems Billy Ray and Tish are ok with this because of a new tattoo ink that has come out that promises to be more effective when you want to get one removed by a laser. Either way getting tattoos removed is painful and expensive. It's best to just skip the whole boyfriend initials thing and get a butterfly or a heart tattoo instead.

Modern Tattoo women Pictures

Modern Tattoo women Pictures
Modern Tattoo women Pictures
Modern Tattoo women PicturesThe history to tattoo is probably as old as humanity. It achieved various innumerable goals. Some of them were rites of passage, punishment, protection, and marks of fertility. It was also employed to mark outlaws such as slaves. The tattooing of word comes from the tatu of word of Tahitian, which means to mark something.