Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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tattoo art body

Due to the development and innovation in the society, the Japanese tattoo art has also developed. Nowadays, body art has gained popularity not only for younger people but the adults alike. For younger people they acquire this work of art just to keep in the fashion trend but for others they put tattoo in their body for some sentimental reasons. Upon knowing the transitions of tattoo art in Japan you will surely appreciate to have any of the designs and symbols inked in your body.

Japanese Tattoo Art

Tattoo's galore

Tattoo art being displayed by one of the attendees at the second annual London Tattoo Convention. The three day event was held at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane and showcased over 100 tattoo artists from around the world.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

LG Shannon GW370

Handset LG Shannon GW370 is the latest phone announced by LG. According to sources from China's mobile site, Mobile.Sooyuu.com, a number of specifications and drawings LG GW370 Shannon handsets have been published.

LG GW370 Shannon phone has a QWERTY keyboard slider, and seems to have the same design with KS365. Like most handsets that have a touchscreen display, handset LG GW370 Shannon also has resistive touchscreen with 240x320 pixel screen resolution, but its size is unknown.

Other specifications in the form of a microSD card and Bluetooth support. Handset LG Shannon GW370 is also supported by the interface LG S-Class. But, unfortunately, not known price and release date.

Porsche P`9522 BLACK

If a Porsche as a symbol of status, then a subsidiary of luxury sports cars are from Germany, Porsche Design has been marketing a luxury mobile phone exclusively for Porsche users. Porsche P'9522 BLACK is phone Design displayed in an event in Singapore, where currently there is only 1.600 or Porsche drivers who can buy the phone from a car dealership, Stuttgart Auto.

Porsche P'9522 BLACK phone is made by Sagem Wireless and combines black aluminum and glass black minerals. Handset that features a fingerprint sensor for user authentication. Sold at 2.280 Singapore dollars (1.064 pounds), P'9522 BLACK phone is much more expensive than three times the price of a BlackBerry or iPhone smartphone in Singapore.

However, agents of the Porsche said it would try out Porsche P'9522 Black handset sales in Asia Pacific are especially China and Singapore, Russia and the Middle East. According to Porsche, in Europe, people will buy this phone with a subsidy from the operator. However, in the Asia, people need something unique, and luxurious impressed with him, plus the Porsche. Porsche Design itself is a luxury brand that has a target for men, formed in 1972 by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, designer icon Porsche 911.