Sunday, March 21, 2010

Porsche P`9522 BLACK

If a Porsche as a symbol of status, then a subsidiary of luxury sports cars are from Germany, Porsche Design has been marketing a luxury mobile phone exclusively for Porsche users. Porsche P'9522 BLACK is phone Design displayed in an event in Singapore, where currently there is only 1.600 or Porsche drivers who can buy the phone from a car dealership, Stuttgart Auto.

Porsche P'9522 BLACK phone is made by Sagem Wireless and combines black aluminum and glass black minerals. Handset that features a fingerprint sensor for user authentication. Sold at 2.280 Singapore dollars (1.064 pounds), P'9522 BLACK phone is much more expensive than three times the price of a BlackBerry or iPhone smartphone in Singapore.

However, agents of the Porsche said it would try out Porsche P'9522 Black handset sales in Asia Pacific are especially China and Singapore, Russia and the Middle East. According to Porsche, in Europe, people will buy this phone with a subsidy from the operator. However, in the Asia, people need something unique, and luxurious impressed with him, plus the Porsche. Porsche Design itself is a luxury brand that has a target for men, formed in 1972 by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, designer icon Porsche 911.