Saturday, February 20, 2010

girly tribal tattoo designs

tribal tattoo designsTribal tattoo designs were employed by ancient cultures for many reasons. A lot of these reasons are still relevant today so let‚ Äôs take a look behind the motivation for and the symbology of tribal tattoo designs. First and foremost, tribal tattoo designs were used to identify clans. This was particularly important on the field of battle. It allowed for quick and easy identification of friends from foes. Another important reason for the tattoo was marriage tattoos. These are what couples would get when they got married to highlight the fact that they belonged to each other. It is not unusual for lovers today to share the same tattoo.
tribal tattoo designsTribal tattoo designs were also used as rites of passage. young man who couldn’t take it would be seen as unfit for battle or hunting, often dooming him to the role of outcast. Today, many teenagers eagerly await their eighteenth birthday and celebrate their entrance to adulthood by getting a tattoo. And the final and most important reason that these tattoos were gotten was to display individuality. There are hundreds, if not thousands of variations on the tribal tattoo theme, so it can become as personal as a thumbprint to a person.
Here we have a few different tribal tattoo designs. I think it is a safe bet to say that all three of these were designed to be placed on the lower back, as they are basically what is referred to as the tramp stamp. But don’t let a nick name like that bother you. When people, especially girls, first starting getting these types of tattoos there may have been a certain stigma attached to having one, but not anymore. They have become way to common place. Today it is normal to find one on the average young housewife and that is only because they have become generally accepted in today’s society.
It’s hard to find someone who does not think tribal tattoo designs are cool. Even if none of the three of them in this picture does it for you, there are thousands more you can look at, probably even more than that. In short there is really no end to them and if you are really looking to get one, you will, sooner or later, find the one you like and when you do you will enjoy it all that much more.