Sunday, April 19, 2009

Handphone Blackberry Curve Javelin 8900

Rim launches BlackBerry Javelin Curve 8900 some time ago in Indonesia. Series referred to as a Jevelin this show with a mix of design and Bold 9000 Curve 8310. But in terms of features, especially the Internet, leaving far Bold Curve 8900. If access to HSDPA Bold, Curve 8900 only on a EDGE connection.

Although the internet connection on the side of the Bold, but provide Rim Blackberry Javelin Curve 8900 with a 3.2 Mpix camera plus flash, higher than the Bold use the 2 Mpix camera. In addition, users are pampered with the Curve 8900 display is clear. Curve 8900 using technology transmissive TFT display with a resolution of 480 x 360 pixels that enables the video can be presented with the color detail and a good performance. 512 Mhz processor usage for the Blackberry Curve 8900 is still under the Bold a 624 Mhz processor, but the performance is enough to make this smart phone can be unreliable.

Blackberry Javelin 8900 Curve screen is big enough that is 50 x 38 mm. With such a physical size, three-line menu containing iconic each line 6 fruit menu, can tertampung. To move the menu down to a convenient trackball is available used. The use of transmissive TFT-which is also used by 95% of the population-notebook in the world to bring influence on the quality of pictures showing both photos and video.

This is one of the excellent features in the Blackberry Javelin Curve 8900. Various audio file formats can be set in the music player such as MP3, MIDI, AMR-NB, Professional AAC / AAC + / eAAC +, WMA9, WMA9 PRO and WMA10. Wave music that came out of the speakers in favor double felt ears, with the effect of bass and treble that fit. Blackberry Javelin Curve 8900 also provides access to the bluetooth headset A2DP.

Stock 3.2 Mpix camera Blackberry Javelin Curve 8900 to make the user can freely explore the feature photography. A number of facilities attached to the camera features such as flash, white balance, contrast, zoom, and brightness. Just like camera phones, in general, the maximum will be obtained when we take photos outside the room with sufficient lighting. When used for photographs with the flash lamp light at night, because the effect of flash light is not evenly distributed and only come together in the middle of the object.

In addition to photographs, we can record video with a 3.2 Mpix camera is. Maximum resolution that can be set is 240 x 180 pixels. From the test, record results, including smooth video, nearly no delay. A special facility is in the video player Curve 8900 be regarded komplet play DivX files from a variety of 4, DivX 5 / 6, XviD, MPEG4, WMV3, to H.263. The result is not less than when we set the laptop on the latest release.

Facilities on the strength of the BlackBerry messaging are still in the Curve 8900. Besides SMS and MMS, email facilities and with push email is also easy to use via this handphone. Applications for work already office given Document To Go for files. Doc,. Xls, and. Ppt. With this facility we can easily open, create and edit files from a mobile phone is clever. For instant messaging, from the 8900 Curve tested try new BlackBerry Messenger application is available. Instant messaging applications while others have not yet installed

Unimpeded access to the internet browser that support HTML plus adopted RSS. With that support, a variety of sites on the internet can be opened as well as what is shown on a laptop or computer. Unfortunately, because it does not use 3G technology, we can only be connected to a data connection service through GPRS and EDGE only.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nokia N85 come with N-Gage concept

Nokia N85 comes with N-Gage concept. In addition to the concept of the latest N-Gage offered, N85 have the latest multimedia capabilities, such as a music player, FM Radio, FM transmitter, video, 5MP camera, the Nokia Web browser, AGPS and Nokia Map. Even the Nokia N85, though more emphasis on entertainment features, there is still a bonus office applications such as Quickoffice, PDF reader and Zip.

There are five menus in this game portal. Namely home, my games, my profile, my friends and showroom. With this platform, gamers can enjoy the pure latest game info. View on the menu only showroom, where we get the info direct game of the week, along with game reviews by the other member. Games, which are presented here for all free downloadable trial version. If interested, we have to grope pocket between 5-10 U.S. dollars.

5MPix with the quality, it is more than adequate for the needs of amateur photographers. Lenses and optics used to use famous names such as Carl Zeiss and Tessar ™ to produce images and videos of optimal. Flash light photographs to help in minimal light conditions have been included, with the distance of light up to 3 meters. To record the maximum video resolution is VGA (640x480) with the MP4 or 3gp format. Front camera Nokia N85 can be used for high quality VGA video call.

Look forward, not look shorcut for special entry into the music menu. But not if Nokia N85 does not provide surprises for users who are thirsty entertainment If we move the slider to the bottom, the menu looks a special player and horizontal screen orientation automatically. Quality dual stereo speakers is quite good, because the location on the phone, so there is no obstacle to the flow of sound that comes out.

GPS features that have been brought combines mobile technology, the AGPS (GPS assist). So that satellite data can indicate the existence of our location with high accuracy. Nokia Map of Tele Atlas can display the translation in Coordinated satellite to map the digital zoom can be seen in and zoom out with the keys * and #. If necessary the location of our visit can be included in the favorites for easy routing.

HP Nokia 6600 sliding | Slide Series

After a series of classes on the E66 was launched as a sliding mobile phone, Nokia has released Nokia 6600 sliding. This time Nokia 6600 slide for the middle class. Feature is far below the sliding E66 series. For the differences with the brothers with the same series ie 6600, Nokia added a slide on the back of your name, full name so this series is the Nokia 6600 Slide.

Not just sliding it so are the Nokia 6600 slide. Generally, mobile phone-sized sliding thick. However, this time Nokia is thin and the size. This is the Nokia Series sliding the most thin. In terms of features, security camera into the Nokia 6600. Stock 3.2 MP is enough to feel important monumentalize moment. Unfortunately the view using the inter-face UI Series 40 not 60 as the first series of 6600.

Thin enough for a phone that has the concept of sliding. Nokia 6600 slide thickness only 14 mm and is the most slim sliding mobile phone from Nokia. Black shroud that seemed to make this phone an exclusive. We also do not worry about scratches when blunt objects to save them in the pocket. Screen using a plastic material such as that integrates with the cover.

With light blue cover dominate the view. At the front there are 2 buttons with 4 main function buttons plus the four one-way in the middle of the blue too. When we slide the visible range of the standard keypad simply click on the fitting time. There is no difficulty when the button-pressing button.

There are two major ports that we can maximize its function. Have the right slot for charging. At the top there is a micro USB slot protected by a cover of plastic material.

Achieve the color quality of 16 million colors. Dimensional screen measuring 2.2 inches beresolusi 320 x 240 pixel TFT screen with technology. It looks very clear, including images captured camera Nokia 6600 slide. Any form of moving video images, is also not quite clear and sharpness.

Quality kameranya quite good. With 3.2 MP quality enough to be regarded monumentalize important moment. Moreover, additional support such as torch lights flash, will be very helpful if the zero object in a poor light.

Nokia E66 Smart Phone

Nokia released the latest E series. E66 Series name. Features full mobile phone and this is equivalent to the preceding series E71. Even Nolia E66 series have two additional unique features, but that is important enough be regarded Accelerometer and turn to silent / silent to tap. The first related to the screen that automatically changes a landscape when the phone is playing. While the second is the ringing phone will die if there is an incoming call phone us back ago or do we beat 2 times. This work at the time we are meeting and other.

As a follow-series E65, Nokia E66 is appearing more interesting. Design of the Nokia E66 that looks expensive and according to style and not lose the ability as a Smart Phone. Nearly all the features to have in office. Suppose only internet connection and a letter. For internet connection, E66 has provided facilities and Wi-Fi email settings wizard. Usually we have to manually enter the parameters and other POP3, is now automatically have the settings. Enter your email address and password, then email can be directly legible.
Sliding concept adopted by the phone. Nokia E66 reaches Weight 121 grams. Know, this is due to the steel material in the mobile phone body. Cover the back of the material provided with rust-resistant stainless material is quite light. On the inside there is a small sized foam 1 cm that functions as a barrier to the casing in the body.

Before replace the front cover, there are 9 buttons that function to operate the phone quickly. Four main key is in the middle part of the menu button, contacts, messages, and calendar. Well, when we slide the cover appear in the keypad by default.

There are three ports that are provided. On the left side there are two ports for each headset and micro USB. Meanwhile, as usual, for the charging port on the bottom of the model using a small slot.

Using the screen up to 16 million color TFT with the technology, it looks sharp and clear. Moreover, when used to see moving images such as video. Resolution of 320x240 pixels with a size of 2.4 inch screen, big enough for a slide phone.

E66 Series has a fairly large speakers on the left back of the phone. Play music with the speakers sound quite good and very fast out of the maximum volume. Moreover, listening to music with them to bluetooth stereo headset, a voice that sounded very clear and good.

Nokia E66 have a quality 3.2 MP camera, Smart Phone is reliable. To immortalize important moment, the quality of that is enough. Complement the features of the camera is also very complete. One of them is the image editing.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Blackberry Bold | Smart Phone

BlackBerry Bold now become icons in the new style of urban living. With the Blackberry mobile phone, connect to the internet easily. Browsing, message, check email or update the net social sites such as Facebook can be done from the Blackberry Bold. One product mainstay the Blackberry is Blackberry Bold.

Blackberry Bold appear more elegant, seen from the packing material in the skin of the back. QWERTY keypad is made even more impressed and integrates neatly with the body. Black wrap dominant, domination of silver metal color on the side. At the side also spread shorcut volume button, camera, USB port, memory slot, standby mode and voice dialling.

Dub beautiful in it's not beyond overcharging. In addition to more elegant, BlackBerry Bold also more forceful because it already have a next generation processor 624 Mhz and 1GB internal memory. So that is able to be relied upon for browsing and multitasking job. More special for internet connection can be via the fast 3G/HSDPA and WiFi. MOBILE search team following features on the BlackBerry Bold.

Currently the smartphone experts on business messaging, if not addressed in a BlackBerry. In this device we can easily insert up to 10 email accounts. It also supports the attachment file extension. Jpg,. Pdf,. Doc,. Xls and. Ppt

Screen has a sharpness of 65 thousand color transmissive TFT LCD with a resolution size of 480 x 320 pixels. Able to play a video clip with a smooth and clear as DVD. But if the video file or image is less good, the sharpness of the maximum screen is not visible.

Intelligent than the BlackBerry Bold is also not leave the entertainment features like music player. Even supports various audio formats like MP3, .3 gpp, WMA, MIDI, AAC, AAC +, eAAC +. Quality speakers are located on the front including oke, because it is able to produce a clear sound when play music. Bold also has audio port and 3.5 mm headset support the A2DP bluetooth stereo headset

Despite the high quality 2 Mpix, but the camera has a Blackberry Bold excess facilities geotagging. That is the image can have EXIF metadata in the location shooting. Because the features of this camera can connect to the GPS module on this smartphone. In addition, still equipped with a flash light to help the lighting conditions in the minimal light

HP Pda Blackberry 8800

BlackBerry mobile phone such as series that have been circulating in Indonesia, the BlackBerry 8800 series is also offered in the program by bundling operator Indosat. From design, the BlackBerry 8800 is not a significant difference from the previous series. Characteristic of the console can be seen from the existence of the QWERTY keyboard.

On the body there is a shortcut to the console voice dialing, above for USB data / charging, headset slot 3.5 mm and the volume button. Hole for the buzzer ringing tones and music are in the top of the console. Despite not taking the concept of hot swap, and install to remove the Micro SD card does not need to remove the battery, such as the BlackBerry 8300. To install a Micro SD and separated only by opening the back cover.

Range is quite unique button visible. The number keys 1 to 9 to position the phone is placed on the edge, this is certainly easier for people who are active with the right hand (not lefty). Different concept with QWERTY keyboard on the Nokia E61i, which places the key in the phone in the middle position.

Navigation elements to be typical BlackBerry, the 8800 series a lot of trust on the trackball. Navigation tools in the form of a ball that set the movement between the menu, in addition there are two key Softkey. At the time browsing the internet, trackball became the only means of navigation. Because the facility is not provided the camera, the icons appear more instruments so simple.

Chatting in the benefits of a BlackBerry. There are three types of chat moda, Yahoo messenger (YM), Google Talk and BlackBerry messenger. For YM menu is available can be more complete and attractive rather than the computer version of YM. Menu is available as a 'sign in automatically, ignore user, create new group, my status (with the display image), edit my nickname and my contact details. When you have a contact list that looks ragged, there is a function to edit the contact group from the list. In addition, when receiving buzz, YM identification can be prepared in form of vibration and light.

In a console, BlackBerry 8800 can accommodate 10 personal email accounts. But before users are required to create a new account in The next step can be added to the personal accounts integrated in the concept of push mail, among others such as Yahoo Mail, GMail, and so forth. Some email accounts can be combined in a single inbox. Receive and reply to email as easy as can be pro-SMS, email all applications can support the attachment file.

BlackBerry 8800 is not provided internet access 3G. But in testing internet connection via GPRS evidently very good. The ability of the browser function menu 'go to, history, edit a bookmark, copy bookmarks and bookmark send via SMS. In addition to GPRS, BlackBerry 8800 also supports access to EDGE (Enhanced Data rate for GSM Evolution). Few be pitied, visual web page can not display the XHTML format.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Handphone Nokia E63

Popularity of mobile phone design with a QWERTY bar it leaves are rising in Indonesia. For example, such as the type of BlackBerry Curve. With ideas and concepts of business, Nokia is also not behind the recent serial QWERTY bar phone segment in the E series is also no less famous. The latest generation of Nokia QWERTY bar appears again in her series E63. Nokia E63 is designed as part of the E71 series is more "affordable" views of the selling price. Although between E63 and E71 have a similar design, but the E63 body material is made with plastic materials. The E71 is a solid material with the metal.

Of course there are adjustments on the E63 features and facilities. Not found in the Nokia E63 features HSDPA, infrared connection and the recipient of the built in GPS. Beyond that, the E63 have the ability to parallel with the E71, including the use of the type of processor. Facilities E63 camera back to the standard adopted E61i. But to give a touch of the new Nokia E series, E63 mobile phone so that facilities provided flashlight.

Expanse of nearly E63 keypad similar to the E71. There are only a little different, digital keypad E63 felt a bit more prominent. Four key shortcut to the main menu, calendar, messaging and Phonebook participated included under the appropriate screen. Four key role as the earlier one touch key means a key can be set to two different functions of the menu, 'short press' and' long press'. Space is also the key role as a key on a flashlight.

Type and size of the screen match the E63 used E71. Type of display using the concept of landscape, measuring 2.36 inch or 48x37 mm with a resolution of 320x240 pixels. The screen on the home screen more dynamic and feature rich icon. For example at the bottom of the home screen can now be placed icons info notification SMS / MMS, email and so forth.

Quickoffice is a strategic application for the Nokia E series, the E63 Quickoffice version which adopted the capabilities include auto find and replace word, plus more advanced formatting for ease of writing set in the display. Many tools to edit the script it Word, Excel and Power Point. In addition there are active notes, useful to create a message that notes can be combined with multimedia content and wireless presenter English dictionary - chinese.

HP Nokia E71

The Nokia E71. General business phone with QWERTY design appear rigid, far from the impression modis. His main concern is that more features and uses. But this is different when we see the Nokia E71. From the name, handphone Nokia E series entering this business segment, but is designed simply modis. Visible on the silver chrome feel adoption is quite dominant. Nokia E71 mentions as the "world thinnest QWERTY phone" with the phone thickness is only 10 mm.

Unlike attendance at the previous E series, many basic features in the new E71 is not found in the family series E. For example, the increase in the latest version of Quickoffice. In addition, the multimedia features which have only adopted in the N series, now we can get the Nokia E71. Not the exception of the features A-GPS and the ability to connect HSDPA (high speed packet access downlik). Other E71 features the following:

E71 is a next generation Nokia E61i, which adopted the concept QWERTY keypad. In general, the function keypad similar to the E61i, the board only expanse of smaller keypad. But design of four one touch key to the look used on the Nokia E51. Excess is the key one touch one button can be set to two different functions of the menu, 'short press' and' long press'.

Type of display using the concept of landscape, measuring 2.36 inch or 48x37 mm with a resolution of 320x240 pixels. The screen on the home screen more dynamic and feature rich icon. For example at the bottom of the home screen can now be placed icons info notification SMS / MMS, email and so forth.

Quickoffice is a strategic application for the Nokia E series, E71 Quickoffice adopted in the latest version, which includes the ability auto find and replace word, plus more advanced formatting for ease of writing set in the display. Many tools to edit the script it Word, Excel and Power Point. In addition there are active notes, useful to create a message that notes can be combined with multimedia content and wireless presenter English dictionary.

Handphone Sony Ericsson K850i

Sony Ericsson K850i mobile phone comes with a digital camera line between now and the small mobile phone with a camera present strength 5 Megapixel camera phone on the latest Sony Ericsson K850i. Features of the camera is also equipped with a xenon flash lamp and a few other features to maximize the use K850i camera.

Not only that, in addition to its function as a digital still camera's many features provided in the latest Sony Ericsson K850i. For example, the Internet service via HSDPA, music player and FM radio for entertainment alternative in leisure time.

If viewed at a glance, especially from the back, with a design similar to a digital camera. For the size of the camera phone is very fitting. Sony Ericsson K850i dimensions measuring 102 x 48 x 17 mm. Although heavier than the preceding. But comfortable does not reduce the time used. Lens on the back of the camera is protected with automatic lens cover, which will open when the camera mode is active. There are also glass cover to protect the camera from dust and dirt.

Sony Ericsson K850i using the TFT screen resolution of 240x320 pixels. Indeed, the use of this type are sufficient for the needs of a mobile phone. But will be better if the screen has a color depth of 16 million, comparable with the features and technology provided.

Keypad / KEY
In addition to Sony Ericsson K850i body similar to a digital camera, this phone has a touch of the unique design of the keypad. There is no navigation button four or five is the usual way on a mobile phone. Instead there is a small white sign at the bottom of the screen semi-touch screen that works for the menu button, select, and back. These buttons respond well when used to switch the menu. Button on the numeric keypad in the K850i is quite unique, square-shaped small, yet still comfortable when pressed.

Not just a digital camera to mobile phone classmates are offered on the phone. For photography fans, Sony Ericcson K850i supply features the withdrawal professional digital camera or semi professional, such as red eye reduction, macro mode, ISO settings up to. Facilities digital zoom up to 16 times. When trying to image with a slingshot and a choice of automatic settingan resolution 5 MP outside the room, the results are very satisfactory and the photos look clear on screen when the phone or transferred. The camera can function as a video recorder with a maximum length depends on memory capacity.

Friday, April 10, 2009

HP Sony Ericsson W960i

The presence of mobile phones with up to 8Gb internal memory is not something new. But for music it was something special. How do I not, a collection of thousands of songs can be saved and enjoyed while mobile without the need to add a memory card. Not excessive when Sony Ericsson, the vendor released industrious W series walkman phone, also the release of the phone memory. Through the series W960i, walkman phone habitue it will take pride in the music by your favorite dish.

In addition to relying on the music, Sony Ericsson provide a number of sophisticated features such as internet access Wi-Fi, 3G, camera 3.2 Mpix, to the Symbian operating system. Similarly to the concept of interface, a touch screen that can be controlled with a finger or stylus hand. Special menu for the walkman, we can move the rake with the fingertips, such as introduced by iPhone or LG Viewty.

W960i does not fully use the touch screen as a numeric keypad is available in size large enough for fingers. Cover bands protitipe mobile phone Mobile Phones made from plastic with a black cover both front and back. Cover in black and made shine (glossy) and the symbol W in the bottom of the screen into a symbol series is walkman phone. Interestingly, Sony Ericsson provide the jog dial on the right hand side for easier navigation. Jog dial can be enabled with the play up and down and pressed the same function with the OK.

Like the previous W series W950i, W960i using the touch screen. Available transparent stylus hidden in the back top corner of the back cover. Response touch screen, including this well, because although it is not touched with the stylus, but with the fingertips, the various menus can be accessed. Even for Walkman 3.0 features, for example, when you want to select a song, album or singer, we can use the fingertips to the screen. Even if not familiar with touch screen, there is still the key to access to various menus, such as send SMS.

With the size of a numeric keypad each 0.6 x 1.5 cm, the buttons include dipencet convenient time. In addition to numeric keys, W960i provides key features to direct SHUTTER walkman and camera on the left side of the phone. Slightly above the jog dial, Sony Ericsson provides a special metallic hole as the neck strap, style if you want to use the phone as a necklace.

User interface
They use the operating system Symbian UIQ 3.0 is usually used by Sony Ericsson mobile phone type of smartphone. With this provision, the interface that is provided is not too different from the Sony Ericsson P1i for example, that allows us to change the view from the iconic form of a (grid) to strip down to the (list)

This is excellent walkman feature series. With 8Gb internal memory, when all is filled with songs MP3 format, can accommodate nearly two-thousand-sized track an individual 4 Mb. From the capacity tantalize the lovers of this music. Besides the capacity, support the complete feature walkman from Megabass, the Equalizer, to the visualization and mood. When using the speaker, the sound appears quite clear that although it is not too special. Better use a headset if you want the sound appear clear and feels comfortable on the ear. Means of audio entertainment is the FM radio, with standard facilities that automatically scan station. Meanwhile, for the antenna, still rely on a headset that is connected and works as an antenna.

W960i camera has two functions namely shooting and record video. For shooting, there are a number of features that can be used as a double flash, effect, to macro shooting. From the test, the resulting picture to a maximum resolution be regarded okay. User can also liberal with the results of this photo if you want sent directly via bluetooth or settings using photo editing software DJ. In the video recording function, the condition of storage space when empty, the duration can record for hours. Results including both recordings, with a slight delay. In addition to playback, video facilities can set a variety of video formats such as MPEG-4, H.263, H.264, WMV9, and real media format.

Handphone Nokia 5800 Express Music

Nokia made a new slap at the Xpress Music series. Series latest Nokia 5800 Xpress Music be different from the preceding. In the body there is no phone in the numeric keypad and navigation buttons to access the menu. All the menu is accessed via touch screen resolution 640 x 360 Pixels. Keys are three buttons below the screen to call, end call button and the menu. And the volume keys and direct access to the right camera phone.

Touch screen mobile phone with this iPhone had become rivals. However Dominikus Soesanto, Product Manager Nokia Indonesia affirm, Nokia 5800 rival iPhone is not, because it has a different segment. IPhone screen only reacts to the finger wipe hands, while the technology provided in the Nokia 5800 screen reacts to all kinds of pressure, both finger and stylus pen hand.

On the screen given accelerometer sensor, so it can be accessed in a landscape or portrait. When pressed, the screen is quite sensitive and good, and can react with the hand, stylus or plectrum (available in the sales package). At the top right there are symbols +>, which if pressed to function as direct access to the multimedia menus. In the standby mode, icon-like icon hours, connectivity and profile can also be access directly.

Name only Xpress Music, is certain features of music are so. The quality of sound when play music need not doubt. But if there is okay to listen via the headset. 8 frequency options are provided to maximize the sound Equalizer. In addition to the clear voice, the phone also offers the ease and create a playlist to play it. There are also musical entertainment via the FM radio that is able to accommodate 19 radio stations.

Leisure eye while browsing the Internet is protected with a screen resolution of 640x480 Pixels. Internet connection can run on the HSDPA network with speeds up to 3.6 Mbps. When internet connection is running, screen phone be able to display the history of web pages that have been accessed. There are three web pages that can be displayed in one screen. Settings for the internet connection is automatic, making it easier for use.

Strength of the camera that provided 3.2 MPix and is equipped with flash lights. Display results snap photos on the screen looks normal course, but moved to the computer so the quality does not disappoint. Camera and image settings are available ala Nokia standard, such as white balance, contrast, ISO, color tone, sharpness and other. All displayed in form of icon-icon and is accessed by pressing the screen. Results click on the camera can be shared with the Flickr web quickly and easily.