Friday, April 10, 2009

HP Sony Ericsson W960i

The presence of mobile phones with up to 8Gb internal memory is not something new. But for music it was something special. How do I not, a collection of thousands of songs can be saved and enjoyed while mobile without the need to add a memory card. Not excessive when Sony Ericsson, the vendor released industrious W series walkman phone, also the release of the phone memory. Through the series W960i, walkman phone habitue it will take pride in the music by your favorite dish.

In addition to relying on the music, Sony Ericsson provide a number of sophisticated features such as internet access Wi-Fi, 3G, camera 3.2 Mpix, to the Symbian operating system. Similarly to the concept of interface, a touch screen that can be controlled with a finger or stylus hand. Special menu for the walkman, we can move the rake with the fingertips, such as introduced by iPhone or LG Viewty.

W960i does not fully use the touch screen as a numeric keypad is available in size large enough for fingers. Cover bands protitipe mobile phone Mobile Phones made from plastic with a black cover both front and back. Cover in black and made shine (glossy) and the symbol W in the bottom of the screen into a symbol series is walkman phone. Interestingly, Sony Ericsson provide the jog dial on the right hand side for easier navigation. Jog dial can be enabled with the play up and down and pressed the same function with the OK.

Like the previous W series W950i, W960i using the touch screen. Available transparent stylus hidden in the back top corner of the back cover. Response touch screen, including this well, because although it is not touched with the stylus, but with the fingertips, the various menus can be accessed. Even for Walkman 3.0 features, for example, when you want to select a song, album or singer, we can use the fingertips to the screen. Even if not familiar with touch screen, there is still the key to access to various menus, such as send SMS.

With the size of a numeric keypad each 0.6 x 1.5 cm, the buttons include dipencet convenient time. In addition to numeric keys, W960i provides key features to direct SHUTTER walkman and camera on the left side of the phone. Slightly above the jog dial, Sony Ericsson provides a special metallic hole as the neck strap, style if you want to use the phone as a necklace.

User interface
They use the operating system Symbian UIQ 3.0 is usually used by Sony Ericsson mobile phone type of smartphone. With this provision, the interface that is provided is not too different from the Sony Ericsson P1i for example, that allows us to change the view from the iconic form of a (grid) to strip down to the (list)

This is excellent walkman feature series. With 8Gb internal memory, when all is filled with songs MP3 format, can accommodate nearly two-thousand-sized track an individual 4 Mb. From the capacity tantalize the lovers of this music. Besides the capacity, support the complete feature walkman from Megabass, the Equalizer, to the visualization and mood. When using the speaker, the sound appears quite clear that although it is not too special. Better use a headset if you want the sound appear clear and feels comfortable on the ear. Means of audio entertainment is the FM radio, with standard facilities that automatically scan station. Meanwhile, for the antenna, still rely on a headset that is connected and works as an antenna.

W960i camera has two functions namely shooting and record video. For shooting, there are a number of features that can be used as a double flash, effect, to macro shooting. From the test, the resulting picture to a maximum resolution be regarded okay. User can also liberal with the results of this photo if you want sent directly via bluetooth or settings using photo editing software DJ. In the video recording function, the condition of storage space when empty, the duration can record for hours. Results including both recordings, with a slight delay. In addition to playback, video facilities can set a variety of video formats such as MPEG-4, H.263, H.264, WMV9, and real media format.