Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nokia 5235

This time Nokia released a beautiful mobile Nokia 5235 Comes With Music, to bring free music to users. Nokia 5235 Comes With Music is a mix of sizes to fit the hand and of course the amazing music side. With unlimited access to Nokia Music Store catalog, users can download legally. Nokia 5235 mobile device is touchscreen with support by 33 hours of battery time for music playback and memory up to 16GB via microSD card.

Nokia Music Store itself is accessible from the homescreen Nokia 5235 Comes With Music, and the user can enter by making the Nokia Music Store account and enter the PIN code Comes With Music subscription, then all prices will disappear and make downloading easier. Users also can download music via a PC using the Nokia Ovi Player.

Your Nokia 5235 is supported by a 3.2-inch screen, 2 megapixel camera and standby time for 18 days. In addition, also support .5 mm audio output Ovi full application, including Ovi Store, Contacts Ovi, Ovi Share, and Ovi Maps. Mobile Nokia 5235 Comes With Music will go on sale in the first quarter of 2010 with estimated price of $ 211.

Download PCMAV 2.2b Valkyrie Update Build1 + Clamav (678.670+8 virus)

To further increase the virus database which can be detected then my PCMAV the newest PCMAV 2.2b Valkyrie Update Build1 + Clamav combined with the virus database from Clamav Antivirus. If you are going to try it you can read how in the readme.txt (in the download package). There is enough clear manual.

But if you do not want to be bothered and wanted to download so you can download it at the link I provide below (first way) or 3 times a download (the latter). PCMAV version 2.2b I integrate with engine Clamav 0.95.3 (latest for now). With this joint (the first way) then the virus database (total) to 678,670 + 8 virus. Most likely will be greater numbers by the second.

Note: For the combined Clamav PCMAV and I did the steps listed in the readme.txt. As an alternative because some steps in the readme.txt not the way you can download the file Microsoft.VC80.CRT then place in folder / plugins / clamav.

Download PCMAV 2.2b Valkyrie Update Build1 + Clamav : Here

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nokia 6700 Gold Edition

In the middle of the competition between mobile phone manufacturers to bring a wrapped mobile operating system Android, Nokia even cool with new projects that will bring luxury mobile phone design with gold-plated. Here's good news for you fans of luxury. The reason is, Nokia has officially announced Nokia 6700 Gold Edition wrapped by a 18-carat gold and is also equipped with all-gold wallpaper.

Although this is not the latest series mobile phones Nokia output, but this is a new version of the Nokia 6700 Classic series. Your Nokia 6700 Classic Gold is also offering the features and specifications are the same as the Nokia 6700 Classic standard version. Only difference is the body design that looks more luxurious and elegant.

Nokia 6700 Classic Gold plan also would adopt a 5MP camera, GPS with Nokia Maps, FM radio, HSDPA, 8GB microSD memory card and also interesting features such as existing on the Nokia 6700 Classic. But if you buy this gold-plated phone, you will immediately be given a bonus genuine leather gloves to protect the body from all kinds of collisions.

The results of the design of renowned designer Mark Delaney is expected to be landed on the market in the first quarter of 2010 with prices around 550 dollars. But so far there has been no information on whether the Nokia 6700 Classic Gold will also come to Indonesia.

Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition

Maintain its position in the mobile phone industry, Nokia continues to expand its portfolio with the spawn-capable phones special. Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition was one of the largest mobile phone maker discussed Finland's origin.

Rely on the ability of integrated Nokia Maps, with GPS technology is fully supported, the company ensures that the Nokia 2710 will be a new breakthrough in the market with cheap price

Mobile phone maker with the largest market share in the world was convinced that this new phone will be absorbed very well in the markets of developed and developing countries. From the urban environment, small towns, including remote areas though.

Same with phones other GPS technology, the Nokia 2710 is also provided a map image display quite friendly with easy navigation. Supported by an integrated digital compass, and even a car driver can get directions with voice guidance path management.

However, this phone not only provide navigation services. Nokia also does not rule out the phone and SMS services as basic services of a mobile phone. But, when you decide to buy this phone, before you need to ensure local locations you want to go if the technology infrastructure has been reached.

With Nokia Maps, Nokia seeks to provide navigation coverage is more extensive and aggressive than its competitors to expand in new countries.

Associated costs and availability of data services depends on the telecommunication, sometimes limited. Relevant maps have been embedded in the phone, anticipating at any moment if the phone loses the Internet connection, navigation service can still be used.

VIVAnews launched from Cellular News, the estimated price of the Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition is approximately 110 euros or the equivalent USD 1.5 million-an, and marketed a new beginning in the second quarter of 2010.

Download PCMAV 2.2b Valkyrie

Coinciding with the publication in January edition of the magazine PCMEDIA January 2010, the latest Download PCMAV 2.2b released.


1. UPDATED! Added database identifier and cleaning viruses 20 local / foreign / new variants spread in Indonesia reported. Total 3096 virus and its variants.
2. Improved! Change some names to follow new variant viruses found.

Download here

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Poor That Are Richer Than The Rich

In modern world depression is something as common as having a headache or a hangover after a rough night out, but only few people realize how serious this problem really is. Try to find a person who has never shown signs of depression and you will realize that it's almost impossible. Almost, but not definitely. Recent studies have shown that there is a group of people in the modern world who don't even know what depression is all about. And surprisingly, these people are generally very poor and far from what most people would consider as good wellbeing.

While this statement will seem ridiculous to most of us, this is true and can be proven even using simple logics. You won't see a poor man or woman worrying about their lost success, or craving for a new car they want to get so bad. The only thing they worry about is getting food and having a place to spend a cold night. These people are free from aspirations and stresses most middle and upper class individuals have to deal with. If put simple, poor people are in a dream-like state of full mental harmony with their physiological needs. They aren't troubled by their spiritual or emotional desires, they aren't troubled by things others might think or say about them. Of course, living below the line of poverty has its stresses and burdens but they are always stripped down to simple bodily needs. No psychological worries, no stress, no depression.

In contrast, you will find the majority of extremely rich and upper class individual taking Xanax, Prozac or Valium to calm down and get them through. Having much money or being in the spotlight has its price tag, which usually comes in the form of certain limits, responsibilities and things to worry about. People from middle and upper classes pay too much attention to they way others see them and this alone is a rich source of mental stress. And what happens when something goes slightly wrong? A homeless individual won't bother if his or her new Bentley gets stolen, because they don't have it. A rich mogul will hire dozens of professionals to protect his private house and spend hours (and tons of valium)on worrying about the latest news from stock exchange. And isn't it ironic that in such a situation the poor are actually richer than the rich, if you know from what point of view to look?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Basic Strategy And Doubling Down

There's a sad fact about playing in a casino, whether real or virtual. The operators have worked out how to play the games on offer and set the odds to favor themselves. After all, if the majority did not lose, there would be no money to pay out all the money you win. Needless to say, the casinos have invested time and money into working out every possible variation on the rules and the ways to play under them. So, if you are going to take on the House edge, you have to become as big an expert on the rules as the operators. So let's start with one of the more interesting rules which decides when you are allowed to double down. This applies when you have received your two cards. If you decide you are going to draw only one more card, the casino rules can allow you to double your initial bet. The different possibilities are to double:

  • on any card combination;

  • only when the two cards total 9, 10 or 11; or

  • after splitting.

Why should you double your bet? The answer is deceptively simple. You double the bet when you think you are going to beat the Dealer. That really does make sense. But because you are suddenly investing more money in playing the game and have more to lose, you need to get on board with the math. You need to know the frequency with which the Dealer is likely to go bust based on the card you can see. If the Dealer's card suggests a bust is probable, i.e. the Dealer's hand is weak, you double the bet when you have a strong hand. You are maximizing the chance of making a good profit on the hand. If you build the doubling rule into your basic strategy, you reduce the House edge. If you refuse to play the doubling rule, the House edge actually increases. This is not to claim you will win every hand when you double down. If you are on a losing streak, you could lose every doubled bet for the session. But, in the long term, you will win more than you lose if you double. If you hesitate to double the bet, it suggests you are outside your comfort zone and already playing for higher stakes than you can afford.

At the blackjack table, the Dealer is weakest when showing a card in the range 2 through 6. With a 2, the bust percentage is 35%. It rises to a 42% chance of busting with a 5 or 6. Your hand is strongest if the two card total is less than 11. Do not be thrown off the basic strategy by the casinos that allow you to add less than the original bet. Blackjack is a game for winners. Never give up the chance to double and take the maximum win against the Dealer. Adding a few dollars to the original bet but not doubling is half-hearted and cowardly.