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BMW 1 Series Coupe BMW M3 M en I am Late in Hockenheim

2011 BMW M3
German car magazine Sport Auto, the new BMW 1 Series Coupe M against a current model BMW M3 coupe on the market around the track at Hockenheim. Surprisingly, the smallest million, recorded a best lap time.

According to the magazine light, is the smallest BMW 1 Series Coupe M faster than the current model BMW M3 on the track. Sport Auto recorded a time of 1:14.1 minutes in the M 1 at Hockenheim, and have a time of 1:14.2 in an M3 coupe with DCT transmission on the same day.

The 1 ms, 3.0-liter, 250 kilowatt line six-cylinder turbocharged, it seems, is a great match for the larger 4.0-liter V8 to 309kW used in the M3. Both cars also speed 000-100 km / h in 4.9 seconds and travel at a top speed electronically limited to 250 km / h (test results may vary).
2011 BMW M3-2
""Good to know that all cars in accordance with sub-tax reasons of security""
Some reasons speculated for the best time of the M 1 comprises the lighter (1495 kg vs 1680 kg [DCT]), and because it offers more torque than the M3 (M 1, a maximum of 500 Nm is on that of the M3 in the 400 comparison nm).

The small 1 M Coupe is not just the pace of the back of the M3 in the legendary Formula One are also better than the V10 BMW M5 E60 1:16.5 already registered, and the BMW M6 that was recorded 1:14.4. M cars fit only sing around the circuit is the BMW E46 M3 CSL, which posted a time of 1:13.5.

2011 BMW M3 Championship
2011 BMW M3 A review of the BMW M3 in 2011 for the pros and cons, available options, drives and overall performance. The new BMW M3 Convertible is the first M car to a retractable hard-top-top offering as a standard. The electro-hydraulic roof is fully automatic and can be downloaded in 22 seconds. The M3 Convertible 2011 BMW M3 Review by Bill Jackson - Bill Jackson driving BMW M3 reports 2011th Cars look is your source for expert commentary on cars and trucks, the panoramas of the vehicle, the exterior and interior shots of the bonnet, Y.
2011 BMW M3-3
2011 BMW M3
BMW M3 - BMW M3 2011 2012 prices, photos and specs and advice. Find new BMW M3 prices, photos, specifications and reviews 2011 2012 cars and BMW vehicles at Motor Trend. finding study of a new BMW car read BMW prices, ratings, or buying a new BMW online today.
2011 BMW M3 E92 by IND Distribution - Top Speed ​​BMW E92 M3 Distribution IND 39 cars that I have seen and will begin to fall short passage expectations too often. bite 39 cases of SA companies tuning.
2011 BMW M3-4
Car Review
2011 BMW M3 Coupe - Latimer the highest praise I can get a sports car, give meaning that good performance both on the track and while driving slowly through the city. Why? Everyone can make a car without compromise. 2011 BMW M3 Sedan, WA Logger - AutoWeek Magazine Editor Motorsport MAC Morrison: This is one of my favorite cars of the performance in the real world, although there were relatively heavy, bloated and overly complicated in recent years. 2011 BMW M3  Gray Frozen  Track Edition - Top Speed ​​BMW M3 before frozen  frozen gray  issue a few months, a limited edition BMW Track BMW M3 Coupe 30-piece dress with a gray surface. We all know that car.

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A-Class Comfort Mercedes-Benz Getting Popularity for Safety and Environmental Protection

A-Class Comfort Mercedes-Benz
The new generation of Class A is for the sale and is safer, cheaper and more environmentally compatible than ever before. So far over 125,000 Class A are sold in the United Kingdom since it opened in 1997 and is one of the best selling models in the range. The design was revised and new technical developments have further enhanced levels of security with the right lighting crash and adaptive brake lights. The car is much more comfortable as a result of new interior materials, with better fit and support in the seats. All models have new infotainment systems with Bluetooth connectivity, and the engines are more economical as a result of threenew BlueEFFICIENCY models. Since March 2009 an ECO start-stop function on the A 150 and A-170, with manual transmission and three-door A 160 CDI from an optional BlueEFFICIENCY package which improves fuel economy benefit of 11 percent shooting with 64.2 miles per gallon . Independent experts have class A get valid international certificate for the environment already by the class C and class held S.
A-Class Comfort Mercedes-Benz
The Mercedes-Benz A-class is younger and more confident than before. Scan lines of the newly designed headlamps harmoniously combine the front and flanks, while the redesigned bumper reinforces this impression, and lower air intake is now much wider, affecting the width of the body. The grille is also new in design which underlines the progressive will of the class.

Three finishing lines for customers to choose from
The design is distinguished from the differences between the lines of organization and equipment of the class. The openings on the front of the entry level are dark gray.In the Elegance and Avantgarde SE models are silver and gray metallic iridium Atlas high brightness, respectively. Both models feature stainless steel exhaust, fog lamps with chrome trim projection headlights, chrome handle bar and side skirts in body color. The three lines can be identified by their conceptions of each wheel and interior design.All models now have a large outdoor area outside mirrors and door handles are in the color of the vehicle for all models painted.
A-Class Comfort Mercedes-Benz 

 Interior: revised with larger bins and new materials
AVANTGARDE ELEGANCE SE and SE lines have seats that are available covered with an attractive combination of the combination of leather and synthetic fabrics in three colors. In addition new decorative elements of gray smoke, brushed aluminum interior diagonal improve SE AVANTGARDE line, while putting in wood complements the appearance of the ELEGANCE SE.
Fuel consumption: The A 160 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 64.2 mpg
With fuel economy from 42.8 to 64.2 miles per gallon, the new generation of Class A is very efficient. With the introduction of an optional BlueEFFICIENCY package for the three-door A 160 CDI, the fuel efficiency of diesel engines of latest generation direct injection of more than 11 percent, or 6.6 miles per gallon since improved over the previous model. Available from autumn 2008, the package includes measures to the engine, aerodynamics, rolling resistance, energy management and weight improved. It also has a diesel particulate filter. The sum of these measures means that the A 160 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY a fuel consumption of 64.2 mpg is impressive and, as a result of CO2 emissions by 82 hp shot is 116 g / km.
And start-StopThe ECO start / stop function reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by automatically switching the phases of the motor idling. ECO start-stop from spring 2009 for the 150 and A 170 is available when the five-speed manual twin cities and is both badged BlueEFFICIENCY. When traveling at low speeds, the driver should the manual transmission into neutral and the brakes. The engine is then cut and the ECO display appears in the dashboard.
A-Class Comfort Mercedes-Benz
The A 150 BlueEFFICIENCY (95 hp) achieved 48.7 miles per gallon, what 139 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer. In city traffic, the new ECO start / stop function result in a fuel savings of up to nine percent.
Ecology: The Class A is the first compact car with an environmental certificate
Environmental compatibility of vehicles not only on the basis of the emission standard and the measurement of fuel consumption to be evaluated but considers the entire life cycle of the vehicle the vehicle. An environmental impact assessment, which analyzed more than 40,000 procedures is the foundation of the international environmental certification ISO 14062 standards (Design for Environment).

Mercedes-Benz is the world of automobile brands to receive this award. The analysis shows that CO2 emissions were seven percent below the previous 2004 model, and reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by 13 percent.
Carbon dioxide emissions throughout the life cycle of the A 150 BlueEFFICIENCY with the ECO start / stop are reduced by five percent, so that the environmental audit a remarkable reduction in CO2 emissions more than 12 percent over the previous model as the means.
The concept of recycling a vehicle is also considered. 95% of the class can be recycled, will conform with EU regulations come into force from 2015 and renewable raw materials are used in the production, including the use of flax, the seeds olive, cotton, coconut, wood veneers and abaca fibers.
A-Class Comfort Mercedes-Benz
Safety: preventing the brake lights depending on traffic
The adaptive brake light technology is standard. After an emergency braking from a speed of more than 30 mph, the brake lights flash rapidly to warn following traffic, so drivers to react faster and avoid a collision. Mercedes engineers found that the braking responses of drivers on average 0.2 seconds faster in emergency braking situations if a flashing red light is given in place of conventional brake lights. Class A continues to set standards in this market segment in terms of occupant protection, and now adds to its security technology are already widely used with safety lighting for indoor crash response. It turns off automatically set after a serious accident, so that the occupants with better orientation and support to emergency services.

Active Park Assist: ultrasound and electric steering makes parking
Drivers-Class A may now decide actively for the park service. This system is running, exploring the miles of road to 25 hours for suitable parking spaces, to identify the car. As soon as a suitable place, the driver is has the ability to parking. identified when entering the room and then just accept the slow speed and vice versa. Active park assist takes over the management and automatically moves the car in the parking lot. The parking lot is 1.30 meters higher than Class A, which currently no other car can automatically park in such a small space.
A-Class Comfort Mercedes-Benz
The car also has Hill Start Assist, which prevents moving backwards when the driver brakes on the accelerator pedal is moved to a small hill to start.
Audio: new units offer Bluetooth, a color display and navigation throughout Europe
Like all new 2008 models of the Mercedes A-Class is with information, communication, navigation and entertainment systems, such as Audio 20, Audio 50 and COMAND. Audio 20 radio take a double tuner, color display, Bluetooth interface for mobile phones, a phone keyboard, CD player, automatic volume control and a connection for external audio devices in the glove compartment. Audio 50 is also equipped with a navigation system in Europe DVDs and DVD-player, while the surface area is characterized by high COMAND HDD navigation, a music register, a slot for SD memory cards and voice command. LINGUATRONIC operates the telephone, audio and navigation system controls the entire word practice, so the driver can simply say what they want.

Interface: The iPod can be controlled by buttons on the steering wheel
Driver Class A can also benefit from allowing the new optional media interface, the drivers onto an MP3 player, USB stick or external audio connection.The media interface allows the user to the device, the control of the infotainment system via the multifunction steering wheel, cargo and see the titles of music in the dash and the console display on Central. Connecting an iPod or similar requires a suitable cable which is available on the Mercedes-Benz accessories range.

The A-Class Comfort Mercedes-Benz
It is a goal that should never lose sight of: the joy of driving
A-Class Comfort Mercedes-Benz
Variability is standard A-Class. If you need a perfectly flat load floor without disturbing trigger threshold on the street is the A class with the optional EASY-VARIO system that simply increasing the rear seat cushion, lean front and rear move soil height adjustable can hold in the highest position . The 1: split folding rear seats are standard, so you can fold the right side of the back seat and even lead to a left rear passenger, for example. If you need more space. And even if you are not one of the many possibilities of conversion, Class A-still room for five people, four suitcases, a duffel bag and a toiletries bag.

A star on his forehead. Five stars in it
A car with the Mercedes star is a promise of quality and flawless finish. In class G to experience the promise of a very special way. The generous width of the vehicle provides a feeling of freedom, even if the vehicle is. The high seating position ensures good visibility in all directions at all times typical though, and the design of the dashboard is easier to clean thanks to the user interface.
A-Class Comfort Mercedes-Benz
With the G-class comfort begins as soon as you open or close doors, even in this case, you will appreciate our attention to detail. As you can see, if you're a fine leather-related change of course location when you park to go even easier. A service that earned five stars in all their own.

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SLS 2011 Kicherer 63 Lanzada Super GT Sport

New Vehicles 2011: SLS Kicherer 63 Super Sport GT  |  Mercedes Benz AMG SLS has received a new package of amendments to the development of Kicherer and significant changes under a new name: SLS Kicherer 63 Super Sport GT. The exterior of the vehicle is equipped with various carbon fiber elements, including a network of hand and a set of fins for hood and fenders. The car is now dressed in black satin sheet "
SLS 2011 Kicherer 63 Lanzada Super GT Sport
Among the skin and a redistribution of the ECU and sport exhaust system that increases the output 6.3-liter V8 from 630 hp and 700 Nm power (up to 571 hp and 650 Nm). Kicherer SLS offers GT Sport Super 63 with 0-62 mph in 3.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 200 mph (320 kmh). The vehicle drives Kicherer RS-1 forged wheels that use a three-piece construction and come in a size 21 and 20 inches (front / rear). In addition, the tuner installed an adjustable suspension, the driver can lift the car 30 mm at the push of a button.
SLS 2011 Kicherer 63 Lanzada Super GT Sport
Inside, he received the sign of the carbon fiber door panels, center console, side skirts and the rear seats. Heres how to describe the SLS Kicherer Super Sport 63 GT and as often as we see in the streets of the SLS Germany in the meantime, the AMG supercar seems to sell like hot cakes. Precisely for this reason also presents the specialist Kicherer updates and a comprehensive equipment ""
 latest car

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Last Convertible Launched in India

The automobile market in India has a number of new models and vehicles of different segments. to attract car manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and many more continuous release of new car models and updated versions of existing vehicles buyers of vehicles, a highly competitive market. This section contains information on the latest cars, cars for sale in India.

bmw-m3, M3 Convertible, M-series, BMW models, latest cars, cars for sale in IndiaBMW models is the other name of luxury back in India with a lower model of the M-series, the new BMW M3 Convertible. Like all other BMW models, provides opportunities to look for this hot new convertible experience without driving dynamics. While the provision of high-performance sports car is also suitable for everyday driving.

The M3 Convertible achieved excellent leadership potential of new package, 4.0L 8-cylinder 420 hp. The car offers a wide range of colors and rims to choose from. The costs of seduction R Convertible. 76,50,000 lakh.

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Electric Cars - The Answer to Rising Gasoline Prices?

Electric Cars, Gasoline Price, fuel prices, To save for all the hype for electric cars on the planet, the public has not yet accepted the concerns regarding the scope and performance. In we believe that the demand of consumers with the most popular queries on the basis of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, hybrids. Whether electric cars, the technology solution, we are not sure, since the exciting promise of hydrogen vehicles and diesel vehicles with incredible efficiency. We are confident that consumers for vehicles that they continue save from the dangers of rising fuel prices on the rise in demand.

A new report shows that in 2014, 300,000 electric cars on Britain's roads. It is expected that more than 7.2 billion electric cars sold in the next three years, a lifeline for manufacturers.

The results of the GfK Automotive, a leading consulting firm, believes that electric cars are one of the twenty car sales in the UK.

It is estimated that 500,000 other electric cars could be sold if the manufacturer is able to overcome the anxiety scale are. Seven of the ten pilots asked to care can extend the range of electric cars called traveling. The same ratio is about the limited availability of charging stations concerned, while half of the reservations about the length of time needed to load the vehicles.

Although the government decided to subsidize the electrical transport with its complement in the car to a review of 5,000 for an electric car that the message has not been reached to give the general public. Two thirds of state, was set by the cost of the vehicles.
Electric Cars, Gasoline Price, fuel prices,The ball is on the roof of the manufacturer to cars that fulfill the promise of power can produce. It will be interesting to see technological developments in the next three years as rising fuel prices, consumers are forced to think about alternatives. Hydrogen and electric cars are promising, but manufacturers are also beginning to produce diesel cars phenomenal and that the Polo BlueMotion TwinAir Fiat 500

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Iran announces third solar technology car

solar technology car, Gazelle 2, energy,  Iran has released Iranian Gazelle 2, third in the country solar technology car vehicle entirely designed and developed by Iranian scientists and experts.

The vehicle weighs 150 kg, 100 kg lighter than its predecessor, a gazelle, the project leader Dr. Karen Abrinia said at the opening ceremony at Tehran University on Sunday.

Iranian Gazelle 1 and 2 were designed and built in 2004.
Fuel leader of Iran, Mohammad Rouyanian Management Committee, visited the Director General of Iran's fuel optimization of the organization and Abbas Kazemi Farhad Rahbar Tehran University chancellor the ceremony.

The engine is used of brushless DC motors for the car has an efficiency of 97 percent, which means that the vehicle waste, the minimum amount of energy, means Fars news agency quoted the newspaper Abrinia.

The tests showed that gazelle 2 can reach speeds of 120 kilometers per hour, but we can not be increased to 150 kilometers per hour, he said.

Mechanics veteran experts also said that the solar technology car cells are used in the car with 22 percent efficiency Gazelle 2 to allow a distance of 600 km at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour when the weather is sunny.

Iranian students unveiled a solar technology car earlier this month that the application can drive over 130 miles per hour.

Designed and built by students in the department research vehicle at the University of Qazvin, the car carries the name To have one. Means sun
solar technology car, Gazelle 2, energy,  Havin is five meters long and two meters wide and is another example of attempts by Iranian scientists, the energy consumption by reducing the production of more efficient environmentally friendly in all sectors.

Iran Gazelle 2 is based on the World Solar technology car Challenge in Australia Competition 2011 competition in October, according to Rahbar.

to design the challenges of competition over a hundred of the best universities and colleges and to build a car capable of crossing Australia on the power of the sun.

The Challenge, the 1st October 16, begins by Australia - is 3000 km from Darwin to Adelaide extends.

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Solar Car Unveiled at Azad University of Qazvin Havyn

Qazvin Azad University solar car named Havyn (sun) was presented today at the sixth edition of the 2011 RoboCup competition in Tehran, Iran open.
Solar Cars,  Azad University, RoboCup, Qazvin Havyn,Silicon solarThe solar car Havyn with a passenger capacity is 5 meters long, 2 meters wide and 96 centimeters. You can at 130 km / h. Travel It took 1.5 years for the team Research Center of the University of Qazvin, to build the car.

Solar Cars,  Azad University, RoboCup, Qazvin Havyn,Silicon solarThe car is? Carbon and glass fiber shape and weighs 160 kg. It has two front wheels and rear.

Silicon solar cells, measuring six square meters are installed on the roof of the car, and lithium-ion batteries used for the storage of goods. Havyn a Inwheel engine of 10 horsepower and a system of CanBus communication.

About Iran Open RoboCup 2011: Qazvin Azad University was approved by the RoboCup Federation and Iranian RoboCup National Committee to organize competitions Iran Open RoboCup 2011 and a symposium. This event will be held in Tehran, 5-9 April 2011.

A Brief History of Solar Cars

solar energy,  Solar Cars, Solartx,. global solar energy, The top of the table on two wheels is still not a familiar sight on the roads in all parts of the world. But if you ever catch one, do not doubt that it must be solar-powered car. And models mostly took the form of flat solar collectors on four wheels with the driver, just managing to squeeze the same as in anything in which the pilot, the interest in solar energy cars grew in the fertile minds that are running the gates of our universities. Enthusiasm is fantastic against 'environmental risk' and belching carbon we commonly call the development of cars and rushed her cousin solar.
solar energy,  Solar Cars, Solartx,. global solar energy, Car owes its existence to solar photovoltaic cell. A small piece of silicon that carries energy from the sun to the batteries. The cell optical appearance in the United States in 1954. Pioneering work allowed young Darryl, Calvin Fuller and Gerald Pearson at Bell Labs for us to take advantage of the sun's energy for the first time. Forward on development.

In the early years of the cars, and racing was to develop a vehicle laboratories, where they often took place. Thus was the case with solar energy vehicles along its short history. Was opened by Hans Tholstrup and Larry Perkins in solar car race when they went on an epic journey of the solar energy from Perth to Sydney (Australia) in 1983. Car-like in practice 16 foot open boat. But not 4052 miles in 20 days, an average speed of 23 km / hour. This was the first car in the world, solar-powered car. And the exploitation of her name fit - 'Pacific successful. Abundance and helped the Danish adventurer. Solar car races quickly began capturing eyeballs, and helped to deploy solar energy as an alternative.
solar energy,  Solar Cars, Solartx,. global solar energy, The success of the first adventure across the Australian outback Hans Tholstrup to start the challenge of the World Solar in 1987. Jumped more than the first effort showed in 1987 when he won the Sunraycer GM event with an average speed of 67 km / hour. Today, this event is the camp twice a year, as well as a measure of developments in the field of solar cars. For example, 2005 has seen touching the car at speeds exceeding 100 km / hour. This leads to the organization of some major changes related to safety.
solar energy,  Solar Cars, Solartx,. global solar energy, Began to challenge the global solar energy and the other will soon follow. North American Solar Challenge brings to the University of the top teams pitting their brains as well as many of their skills against each other. Ran one this year from Dallas, Texas to Calgary, Alberta. GM was the follow-up success in the global challenge of solar energy before the start of this version of America / Canada. This was an attempt to promote an inspiring engineering of cars and solar energy among university students. May not be stormed heaven popular Formula One, but with the races in various parts of the world - Circuit Suzuki (Japan), and assembly of the World Solar (in Taiwan), Phaethon (Greece) and others, can expect an enthusiastic work of the ignition.
solar energy,  Solar Cars, Solartx,. global solar energy, Entered today, solar energy vehicles in the area of ​​Popular Mechanics. Practical applications of the road looking to use solar energy in hybrid configurations. And France are expected Spray AstroLab and a car in the world's first solar electric hybrid. With a top speed of 120 km / h and continuous operation of 110 km, and we might see it just kerbing up in our neighborhood. Participated in the 2008 Paris Auto Spray there is a line of electric vehicles.
solar energy,  Solar Cars, Solartx,. global solar energy, There are taxi solar or 'Solartx' to you. Example of the vision of Switzerland, and the car attempts to be a pioneer in the field of information about cars, and can be relied upon every day. The support of the Group 6 square meters of solar size, the car goes 400 miles without recharging. It includes a trailer and hovering around in the maximum speed of 90 km / hour.
solar energy,  Solar Cars, Solartx,. global solar energy, Toyota is seeking to add solar panels on the Prius. An innovative, optional attachments can deliver 300 watts of power, and also serve as sunshades. Might see a 2009 release.
'History of the solar car' is almost an anachronism because it seems contemporary to some extent. But with the evolution of technology and shapes with the passage of time, we might be looking at cars like the Prius and artifacts. Let us hope that the solar car to find a place for them in a

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Laurel Unveils Solar-Powered Car, Which is Divided Into Two Cars!

laurel, solar electric car, solar panels, solar cells, solar carAlthough it is not known particularly for cars and Hungary is to take a stab in the market for electric vehicles with a new car for the future of solar energy and electricity. Founded by car enthusiasts and supported by local investors, and the Hungarian company laurel, and work on the prototype of the car and the modules are able to split in separate cars. With solar panels on the roof, and three passengers can be Laurel solo run up to 20 miles per day on solar power alone.
laurel, solar electric car, solar panels, solar cells, solar carMost exciting part about the car bay for the new solar energy is that the company plans to make the units, meaning you can connect the two together to create a six-car passenger - Two distinguished in the cave. On the other hand, you will be able to split one car apart to form two smaller vehicles. It's not clear exactly how this would make it work, but the theory seems very practical. One car per family, so the couple can split up and go separate ways if there was a need for.
laurel, solar electric car, solar panels, solar cells, solar carSolo laurel and some doors pivoting sweet, and the driver's seat position, and super stylish design, hybrid engine and a roof laden with solar panels. A full charge of photovoltaic cells get 20 kilometers per day, respectively, in the city quickly. Has so far invested € 1500000 in research and development and model.

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Beauty, F: Renault Zoe Z.E.

Small cars
Beauty, solar energy , Zee Zoe,
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And Zoe Renault Z.E. Is scheduled for production in 2012, but the car "spa" concept has a strange partner: L 'Oreal's Biotherm skin care management. And Zoe Z.E. Is "designed to make people daily domestic flights and looking for a car that brings them health and wellness," according to a press release Renault.

All electric car emission-free, has a roof with membrane intelligent insulation against heat and cold (both of which can wreak havoc on the skin of a person) and photovoltaic cells to capture solar energy (even drivers glow can be made with the Economic Cooperation Organization, satisfaction of the self). And, in case you think I'm fun, here's another line from the press release: "Zee Zoe featuring the finest in the air purifier and purification technology to provide complete protection for the health of passengers and keep the skin young-looking."

And Zoe Z.E. Has some bits of the process technology. Charge level takes 4 to 8 hours, depending on the voltage in the socket. It is capable of fast charging in 20 minutes in the special charging stations, and it uses "Quickdrop" system for the exchange of battery packs in sewage stations.

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Freedom of The report:-The Smart Fortwo Electric Car For 2012

To start pre-production models for testing in the United States and Europe next year
Smart Fortwo , Electric Car , electric drive, smart car,  SarkozyDaimler AG announced that the second generation of mass-producing electric Smart in 2012. The announcement came during a visit by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, electrical installation, built with Smart made in Hambach, France.

There are a few of the cars will begin production in November this year, Daimler is a test product durability and battery capacity. The use of a package of compact lithium-ion and the United States electric car company Tesla Motors, the second generation smart fortwo's commitment to electric space and not enough room for two adults. Supply of energy at 30 kW (40 hp) and 120 Nm (89 Nm) torque in the category, with a range of 135 kilometers (84 miles). The vehicle will be the first to begin testing this year in cities throughout Europe and the United States makes smart cars can reach 60 km / h in 6.5 seconds (as is the case with petrol models), and limited to the speed of 100 km / h (60 mph).

Ray: Smart fortwo electric drive
Smart Fortwo , Electric Car , electric drive, smart car,  SarkozyThe official release after the jump:
Large-scale series production of Smart electric motor to start in 2012 in Hambach

* Declaration on the occasion of a visit by French President Nicolas Sarkozy
* In just five years of a pilot project to produce for customers
* Production of a series of small units of 1000 to begin in November 2009
* Dr. Dieter Zetsche: "Leadership-free emission in the urban environment is already possible today. "

Hambach, France / Stuttgart (Germany) - Daimler AG announced today that it opted smart factory in Hambach, France, as the location for the production of a series of future smart fortwo
electric motor. As of 2012, and a high degree of innovation, the electric car, and equipped with the most Modern lithium-ion battery, and will roll off the assembly line in production on a large scale, and will To provide to its customers through a sales network smart. The announcement came on the On the occasion of official visit of French President Nicolas Sarkozy in a factory Hambach.

Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management DaimlerChrysler and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars: "The Smart electric drive proves that the emissions-free driving in urban areas The environment is already possible today. And will begin initial production series now with 1000 Vehicles, will be the first of which is delivered to customers by the end of this year. As 2012, the drive electric smart fortwo, and then be part of a regular program of the product Smart brand. With our decision to select the production here in the mother plant in Hambach, and we Determine the path of both to produce a series of electric cars and for the future of this Assembly plant is very innovative. "

Daimler will invest the amount of double-digit million euros in a factory for the production of Hambach The next generation of the drive smart fortwo with electric - Lithium-ion battery. During his visit, Visit, President Sarkozy that the French government will support the project through Pat (President of Cote du territoire Aménagement) program. More support is to be submitted Lorraine region and sections de la Moselle. Will all these measures include a total of 15 percent of the investment. The president is visiting factory today - among other things Between getting a first hand impression of environmentally compatible engines in the future.

In November 2009, the plant will start to produce a small chain of about 1000 units of Smart Fortwo electric drive. In a first step, these cars will be provided to customers Participate in various projects of movement in the major cities in Europe and the United States, in order to Generate additional reactions from use under the conditions of everyday life.

As of 2012, will be produced Smart Fortwo electric drive in sizes much larger as And will be sold as a regular part of a portfolio of smart products, and through the sales network smart. Smart emphazises thus leading role in the way to travel with individual local Free of emissions in cities and urban areas.

The first milestones in 2007 and 2008
Since 2007, the Smart brand has taken a leading role in the electrification campaign Systems. Then, I started driving smart free of emissions in the difficult conditions of daily city Traffic in London. The 100 smart fortwo electric drives of the first generation in Customer process process. The reactions of this project is very positive and He emphasized the high degree of maturity of this concept car. Only one year later, the company introduced the second generation with more advanced Electric motor and innovative, and Lithium-ion high efficiency. Lithium-ion technology Decisive advantages over other types of batteries including higher performance, shorter Shipping times and a long life and high reliability. In addition, the smart fortwo electric drive Can be charged in the ordinary household electricity socket. Success Story:
Smart Fortwo , Electric Car , electric drive, smart car,  SarkozySmart plant in Hambach Opened the Smart Hambach factory in 1997. Since 1998, has produced a smart Fourtou, since 2007 in the current generation. In 2008, more than 800 workers at the factory and Produced some of the more than 800 people employed by the partners in the system of about seven units of 140 000 Smart fortwo. In September 2008, celebrated the tenth anniversary of the brand along with the Smart 1000000 produced in the factory Hambach. The Hambach factory, such as innovative production concept since its inception:

The assembly line in the form of a plus sign is designed to meet the demands of the optimal The General Assembly, transport and logistics, and ensures that production processes with high efficiency. This principle Partners in the system for the supply of units directly to the assembly line, which reduces the Transport and logistics effort to a minimum, and this also provides an advantage with respect to Ecological aspects. In addition, environmentally friendly and cost-effective shop, which is The concept of energy with plenty of opportunities for savings and the principle of building Vehicles to ensure translation of the product eco-responsibility for the brand smart In production.

The French Government Censors Report on Electric Cars

electric cars,  French, battery technology, Mr Sarkozy
President Nicolas Sarkozy is accused of silencing a negative report on electric cars because of personal ties.

The French government commissioned a report this year analyzing the best ways for the mass market is the most efficient vehicle in the coming decades, but prevent the public reading of the results. The 129-page report by Jean Syrota, former French regulator power produced by industry, warns that the cost for all-electric double carsi carsroughly unconventional economic. The report identifies limited driving range and performance and good battery technology, the main obstacles.

The report was developed in collaboration with the 2008 Paris Motor Show, completed in October, but the government continues to sit him and they seem reluctant to publish once, in a column in the Financial Times.

The authors emphasize in particular to Mr Sarkozy, and their relationship to companies developing electric cars, as the probable cause of the head of France to the report. The Financial Times has characterized buddies Vincent Bollore and Serge Dassault and affairs of Mr Sarkozy.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The French Get Smart - Electtric Car

electrifiedDaimler says the electric Smart Fortwo will go into mass production in a factory in Hambach, France, as early as next month.

The first run of 1000 electric Smarts will be built in November 2009 and delivered to customers by the end of the year (Merry Christmas!). The car will be at full production and Smart car dealers in 2012, Daimler Chairman Dr. Dieter Zetsche said.

Specs for the new electric Smart Fortwo:

Lithium-ion battery located between the axles
30 kW motor in the rear
88 lbs-ft of torque from the get-go
80-mile range
0-62 mph in 6.5 seconds
Max speed is limited to 100 km / h (62 mph)

Smart cars, electrified and chic

electrifiedSmart has some news of the week. The first, from November 2009, the smart fortwo electric, a lithium-ion batteries on board by Tesla Motors.
It sits between the axles, so that none of his precious space on the fortwo engagement with the motor on the back where he always was. The new battery has a range of about 70 miles, and all, is a 220 volt outlet at night is charged.

The electrical ForTwo is currently leased to market choice as they say in Europe and the United States to full-scale test. It is available for those who want one in 2012.

If you are 41 mpg in a gasoline car, and a pinch of je ne sais quoi that you see in the new Smart Fortwo High style in chocolate brown with 12-spoke alloy wheels. The interior receives an updated leather and fabric, and the car is technology start-stop for more fuel into the city to grow.