Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Motorola Olympus MB860

Motorola Olympus, one of the newest high-end Android smartphones from Motorola, re-emerged with a few new photos and this time it looks Motorola to use Android 2.2 Olympus Froyo with MotoBlur.

Just like LG Star P990, Motorola Olympus MB860 uses the latest chip NVIDIA Tegra 2. Motorola Olympus is also equipped with camera with video recording capability and full HD 1080p, as seen in Figure Motorola Olympus has an HDMI port and microUSB port.

Motorola will launch the Olympus MB860 in January 2011 in the United States through AT n T.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nokia X7-00

A device known as Nokia X7-00 has been caught on camera, although not so detailed but in a video can be seen that device has four speakers located at each corner

With the four speakers installed on the Nokia X7-00, certainly brought this phone is a mobile entertainment or entertainment phone that features Audio interesting.

If the view of the display screen, it is confirmed that the X7-00 Nokia mobile phone uses the Symbian operating system, maybe a little bit disappointing for some users because the phone was not using the latest operating system being released Nokia, namely MeeGo.

For screen resolution is also quite disappointing because it only produces 360 x 640, very small as 4 inch screen, but hopefully this will change

In X7-00 is reportedly going to use 450 MB of internal memory with a RAM of 245 MB, 8MP resolution camera and there is a microUSB and a battery that can not be removed

To be more exact, we wait for the official announcement from Nokia.

Nokia N00

A prototype of the Nokia N00 mobile phone suddenly appeared on the eBay auction site. The phone is believed to be the successor of the Nokia N86 is not so present to the market. The prototype of this phone can also be directly used like other phones, no beret and looking very rarely used.

What is clear is that the alleged cell phone Nokia N87 mobile phone is seen as an official production of Nokia and not as Chinese product. The phone was found in a bar in the unlocked state and functioning optimally.

The prototype Nokia N00 has a sliding design with a keypad or older, Carl Zeiss 12MP camera, Xenon flash, and Wide Angle lens. But, this phone may not be marketed because it focuses on the Nokia N8 which uses base Symbian ^3 and also has a 12MP camera.

BlackBerry Curve 8980

RIM will soon introduce a new line of BlackBerry Curve. This time rumored RIM will be launching BlackBerry Curve 8980. BlackBerry Curve 8980 has been registered on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and is awaiting approval from the FCC.

No information about the full specifications of the BlackBerry Curve 8980, but it seems like the BlackBerry Curve 8980 is equipped with QVGA display and 3G network support.

BlackBerry Empathy

RIM is working with designer Kiki Tang and Daniel Yoon to design a BlackBerry smartphone which has a unique body shape. Projects developed at the Art Center College of Design, designer Kiki and Daniel tried to combine the functions of an interface that is integrated with human emotions and the concept of social networking. The result of collaboration both then generate BlackBerry Empathy.

When using the BlackBerry Empathy, users do not just hold a smartphone, but also uses a biometric ring that used simultaneously. Ring, according to Kiki, serves to collect emotional data.

BlackBerry Empathy has a transparent OLED screen when not in use and opaque during use. The entire front surface using a touchscreen display, while the physical keyboard function is retained in the rear.

Besides having a unique design, the BlackBerry Empathy can also display charts the emotional health of users at a certain time, eg if after receiving a call, text message or reply to interact through social networking. On the graph it would appear at that time whether the user is angry, happy or sad.

Samsung C3530

Samsung re-introduce the latest candybar phone design. This time, Samsung introduced a new concept on the Samsung C3530, a phone for the middle class with a casing made from high quality metal material.

Samsung C3530 is only 11.9mm thick comes with 2.2 inch QVGA TFT screen, Quad-Band network support GSM / EDGE, MP3 player, FM radio with RDS, 3.2 megapixel camera, microSD slot up to 16GB, 3.5mm audio jack, and access to Facebook, Twitter, GoogleTalk and Parlingo.

Samsung C3530 is available in Russia with a price of 5990 rubles