Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BlackBerry Empathy

RIM is working with designer Kiki Tang and Daniel Yoon to design a BlackBerry smartphone which has a unique body shape. Projects developed at the Art Center College of Design, designer Kiki and Daniel tried to combine the functions of an interface that is integrated with human emotions and the concept of social networking. The result of collaboration both then generate BlackBerry Empathy.

When using the BlackBerry Empathy, users do not just hold a smartphone, but also uses a biometric ring that used simultaneously. Ring, according to Kiki, serves to collect emotional data.

BlackBerry Empathy has a transparent OLED screen when not in use and opaque during use. The entire front surface using a touchscreen display, while the physical keyboard function is retained in the rear.

Besides having a unique design, the BlackBerry Empathy can also display charts the emotional health of users at a certain time, eg if after receiving a call, text message or reply to interact through social networking. On the graph it would appear at that time whether the user is angry, happy or sad.