Monday, November 30, 2009

The First Steps To a Basic Strategy

The game is one of the simplest ever invented. The rules are few and there's no physical effort involved in playing it. You just sit, look at a few cards and make your bets. That's probably why it's become one of the most popular casino games of all time. Of course everyone knows the House has an edge. That's how it pays all the expenses for running the casino. Remember it makes no difference whether this is a casino in the real world or online. You still need people and a base. So common sense tells you that no-one beats the House unless they invest some effort. Put another way: if everyone could beat the House without breaking sweat, the casino would go out of business in a day. This produces the headline: no pain, no gain. You have to put in some study time to master the basic strategy.

So what is this strategy? Over the years, some serious math types did all the work for you. They calculated the best way to play all the card combinations and wrote them down in simple charts. If you were going to play in a real casino, you would have to learn all these rules. That saves you having to pause before every decision to check the charts. Not only would the other players around the table be less than impressed, the casino would probably suggest you leave. But playing online changes all that. You can consult the charts as often as you like before deciding which card to play. It may be slow but, if you get the strategy right for every hand, you just shifted the odds in your favor.

So what are these charts? The first gives you the rules on when to split a pair. The strategy changes depending on the value of the cards dealt to you and the value of the card you can see the Dealer holding. So it starts with the rule that you split a pair of aces no matter what the Dealer holds, and goes down to the choices when you hold a pair of 2s. The other two charts deal with hard hands and soft hands. A hard hand is when neither card is an ace and the strategy changes significantly depending on the card held by the Dealer and the table rules on when the Dealer must stand or draw. A soft hand contains an ace and is easier to play because you can always draw one more card without busting - this takes some of the pressure off the play. I started off by saying blackjack is an easy game but, like all games, you can play for fun or you can take it seriously and play to win. In this case, you are more likely to win if you learn the charts and can play the strategy without thinking. To really take on the House edge, you also have to become a card counter but that's a whole new story because it does not work in a virtual casino. For now, focus on the basic strategy and start your winning blackjack career.

Ken Uston

Ken Uston - Blackjack Hall of Fame

Uston burst onto the scene in 1977 with the publication of The Big Player, co-authored with Roger Rapaport. In this book, Uston exposed the secrets of Al Francesco's big player teams. The book caused a falling out between Al and Ken that lasted for years, as Al felt Ken had betrayed his trust as well as his teammates.

But this book caused an upheaval in the world of card counting, changing the ways that professionals looked at the blackjack and attacked it. Three of the most successful international blackjack teams-the Tommy Hyland team, the MIT team, and the Czech team-all were founded in 1978, the year after Uston's book was published.

Al and Ken later patched up their relationship and Uston went on to start many blackjack teams of his own. He was a personality on a grand scale, who legally challenged the casino industry in the courts of both New Jersey and Nevada. His playing career spanned two decades of play at the highest levels, and included card counting, BP teams, hole card techniques, and concealed computer play.

Ken is also the author of Two Books on Blackjack, Million Dollar Blackjack, and Ken Uston on Blackjack.

He died in 1987 at the age of fifty-two.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Blackberry 9100 Stratus

Handset prototype devices Research In Motion (RIM) leaked on the internet before their time. The leakage current is the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 or with codenamed BlackBerry Striker / Stratus 9100

Photos and videos that appear on and offers quite detailed guidance Pearl RIM's line of smartphones.

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 is the third version after Pearl Flip 81xx and 82xx, and the original design candy 81xx series.

Features that determine from all the families of Pearl RIM SureType keyboard and software combination that squeeze a few characters into a single button to reduce the size of the entire device.

New Pearl has exceptions, the keyboard itself looks more and more beautiful slim, and shiny.

3G devices that run RIM BlackBerry OS 5.0. 9100 which recently was released. Also optical trackpad features to replace navigation Pearl trackball found on earlier Pearl devices. Including a new battery design.

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 is also the first device on the line that carries the words "Pearl" on the back, between the digital camera lens and flash.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Download PCMAV 2.2a Valkyrie Update 1+ Clamav (652.977 virus)

Finally I provide a download link download update PCMAV Build 2.2a + 1, this time to further increase the virus database which can be detected then my PCMAV virus combined with a database of Clamav Antivirus. If you are going to try it you can read how in the readme.txt (in the download package). There is enough clear manual. But if you do not want to be bothered and wanted to download so you can download it at the link I provide below (first way) or 3 times a download (the latter). PCMAV version 2.2a Update 1 I integrate with engine Clamav 0.95.2 (latest for now). With this joint (the first way) then the virus database (total) to 652,977) virus. Most likely will be greater numbers by the second.

Note: For the combined Clamav PCMAV and I did the steps listed in the readme.txt. As an alternative because some steps in the readme.txt not the way you can download the file Microsoft.VC80.CRT then place in folder / plugins / clamav.


Download PCMAV 2.2 Update Build 1 + Clamav : Download here

Friday, November 6, 2009

Download PCMAV 2.2a + Update 1 Valkyrie

After a while PCMAV not show the latest update from PCMAV Update Build4 Valkyrie 2.1A, eventually in conjunction with the publication of the magazine PC Media edition in December 2009, came the latest PCMAV PCMAV 2.2a. In this paper I have 2.2a PCMAV included with the update build 1. Total detection in this version of the 3076 +10 many viruses circulating in Indonesia.


1. UPDATED! Added to the database 51 identifying and cleaning local virus / foreign / new variants spread in Indonesia reported. Total 3076 virus and its variants, including variants Conficker sophisticated viruses that circulated in Indonesia, many well-known in this version 2.2a.
2. UPDATED! Hooking RTP update engine.
3. BUG FIXED! Error detection (false alarms) heuristic on some programs and scripts.
4. Improved! Change some names to follow new variant viruses found.
5. Improved! Fixes some minor bugs and improvisation internal code to ensure that the remains can be PCMAV antivirus Indonesian pride.

Download here

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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