Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A-Class Comfort Mercedes-Benz Getting Popularity for Safety and Environmental Protection

A-Class Comfort Mercedes-Benz
The new generation of Class A is for the sale and is safer, cheaper and more environmentally compatible than ever before. So far over 125,000 Class A are sold in the United Kingdom since it opened in 1997 and is one of the best selling models in the range. The design was revised and new technical developments have further enhanced levels of security with the right lighting crash and adaptive brake lights. The car is much more comfortable as a result of new interior materials, with better fit and support in the seats. All models have new infotainment systems with Bluetooth connectivity, and the engines are more economical as a result of threenew BlueEFFICIENCY models. Since March 2009 an ECO start-stop function on the A 150 and A-170, with manual transmission and three-door A 160 CDI from an optional BlueEFFICIENCY package which improves fuel economy benefit of 11 percent shooting with 64.2 miles per gallon . Independent experts have class A get valid international certificate for the environment already by the class C and class held S.
A-Class Comfort Mercedes-Benz
The Mercedes-Benz A-class is younger and more confident than before. Scan lines of the newly designed headlamps harmoniously combine the front and flanks, while the redesigned bumper reinforces this impression, and lower air intake is now much wider, affecting the width of the body. The grille is also new in design which underlines the progressive will of the class.

Three finishing lines for customers to choose from
The design is distinguished from the differences between the lines of organization and equipment of the class. The openings on the front of the entry level are dark gray.In the Elegance and Avantgarde SE models are silver and gray metallic iridium Atlas high brightness, respectively. Both models feature stainless steel exhaust, fog lamps with chrome trim projection headlights, chrome handle bar and side skirts in body color. The three lines can be identified by their conceptions of each wheel and interior design.All models now have a large outdoor area outside mirrors and door handles are in the color of the vehicle for all models painted.
A-Class Comfort Mercedes-Benz 

 Interior: revised with larger bins and new materials
AVANTGARDE ELEGANCE SE and SE lines have seats that are available covered with an attractive combination of the combination of leather and synthetic fabrics in three colors. In addition new decorative elements of gray smoke, brushed aluminum interior diagonal improve SE AVANTGARDE line, while putting in wood complements the appearance of the ELEGANCE SE.
Fuel consumption: The A 160 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 64.2 mpg
With fuel economy from 42.8 to 64.2 miles per gallon, the new generation of Class A is very efficient. With the introduction of an optional BlueEFFICIENCY package for the three-door A 160 CDI, the fuel efficiency of diesel engines of latest generation direct injection of more than 11 percent, or 6.6 miles per gallon since improved over the previous model. Available from autumn 2008, the package includes measures to the engine, aerodynamics, rolling resistance, energy management and weight improved. It also has a diesel particulate filter. The sum of these measures means that the A 160 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY a fuel consumption of 64.2 mpg is impressive and, as a result of CO2 emissions by 82 hp shot is 116 g / km.
And start-StopThe ECO start / stop function reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by automatically switching the phases of the motor idling. ECO start-stop from spring 2009 for the 150 and A 170 is available when the five-speed manual twin cities and is both badged BlueEFFICIENCY. When traveling at low speeds, the driver should the manual transmission into neutral and the brakes. The engine is then cut and the ECO display appears in the dashboard.
A-Class Comfort Mercedes-Benz
The A 150 BlueEFFICIENCY (95 hp) achieved 48.7 miles per gallon, what 139 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer. In city traffic, the new ECO start / stop function result in a fuel savings of up to nine percent.
Ecology: The Class A is the first compact car with an environmental certificate
Environmental compatibility of vehicles not only on the basis of the emission standard and the measurement of fuel consumption to be evaluated but considers the entire life cycle of the vehicle the vehicle. An environmental impact assessment, which analyzed more than 40,000 procedures is the foundation of the international environmental certification ISO 14062 standards (Design for Environment).

Mercedes-Benz is the world of automobile brands to receive this award. The analysis shows that CO2 emissions were seven percent below the previous 2004 model, and reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by 13 percent.
Carbon dioxide emissions throughout the life cycle of the A 150 BlueEFFICIENCY with the ECO start / stop are reduced by five percent, so that the environmental audit a remarkable reduction in CO2 emissions more than 12 percent over the previous model as the means.
The concept of recycling a vehicle is also considered. 95% of the class can be recycled, will conform with EU regulations come into force from 2015 and renewable raw materials are used in the production, including the use of flax, the seeds olive, cotton, coconut, wood veneers and abaca fibers.
A-Class Comfort Mercedes-Benz
Safety: preventing the brake lights depending on traffic
The adaptive brake light technology is standard. After an emergency braking from a speed of more than 30 mph, the brake lights flash rapidly to warn following traffic, so drivers to react faster and avoid a collision. Mercedes engineers found that the braking responses of drivers on average 0.2 seconds faster in emergency braking situations if a flashing red light is given in place of conventional brake lights. Class A continues to set standards in this market segment in terms of occupant protection, and now adds to its security technology are already widely used with safety lighting for indoor crash response. It turns off automatically set after a serious accident, so that the occupants with better orientation and support to emergency services.

Active Park Assist: ultrasound and electric steering makes parking
Drivers-Class A may now decide actively for the park service. This system is running, exploring the miles of road to 25 hours for suitable parking spaces, to identify the car. As soon as a suitable place, the driver is has the ability to parking. identified when entering the room and then just accept the slow speed and vice versa. Active park assist takes over the management and automatically moves the car in the parking lot. The parking lot is 1.30 meters higher than Class A, which currently no other car can automatically park in such a small space.
A-Class Comfort Mercedes-Benz
The car also has Hill Start Assist, which prevents moving backwards when the driver brakes on the accelerator pedal is moved to a small hill to start.
Audio: new units offer Bluetooth, a color display and navigation throughout Europe
Like all new 2008 models of the Mercedes A-Class is with information, communication, navigation and entertainment systems, such as Audio 20, Audio 50 and COMAND. Audio 20 radio take a double tuner, color display, Bluetooth interface for mobile phones, a phone keyboard, CD player, automatic volume control and a connection for external audio devices in the glove compartment. Audio 50 is also equipped with a navigation system in Europe DVDs and DVD-player, while the surface area is characterized by high COMAND HDD navigation, a music register, a slot for SD memory cards and voice command. LINGUATRONIC operates the telephone, audio and navigation system controls the entire word practice, so the driver can simply say what they want.

Interface: The iPod can be controlled by buttons on the steering wheel
Driver Class A can also benefit from allowing the new optional media interface, the drivers onto an MP3 player, USB stick or external audio connection.The media interface allows the user to the device, the control of the infotainment system via the multifunction steering wheel, cargo and see the titles of music in the dash and the console display on Central. Connecting an iPod or similar requires a suitable cable which is available on the Mercedes-Benz accessories range.

The A-Class Comfort Mercedes-Benz
It is a goal that should never lose sight of: the joy of driving
A-Class Comfort Mercedes-Benz
Variability is standard A-Class. If you need a perfectly flat load floor without disturbing trigger threshold on the street is the A class with the optional EASY-VARIO system that simply increasing the rear seat cushion, lean front and rear move soil height adjustable can hold in the highest position . The 1: split folding rear seats are standard, so you can fold the right side of the back seat and even lead to a left rear passenger, for example. If you need more space. And even if you are not one of the many possibilities of conversion, Class A-still room for five people, four suitcases, a duffel bag and a toiletries bag.

A star on his forehead. Five stars in it
A car with the Mercedes star is a promise of quality and flawless finish. In class G to experience the promise of a very special way. The generous width of the vehicle provides a feeling of freedom, even if the vehicle is. The high seating position ensures good visibility in all directions at all times typical though, and the design of the dashboard is easier to clean thanks to the user interface.
A-Class Comfort Mercedes-Benz
With the G-class comfort begins as soon as you open or close doors, even in this case, you will appreciate our attention to detail. As you can see, if you're a fine leather-related change of course location when you park to go even easier. A service that earned five stars in all their own.