Thursday, April 14, 2011

Iran announces third solar technology car

solar technology car, Gazelle 2, energy,  Iran has released Iranian Gazelle 2, third in the country solar technology car vehicle entirely designed and developed by Iranian scientists and experts.

The vehicle weighs 150 kg, 100 kg lighter than its predecessor, a gazelle, the project leader Dr. Karen Abrinia said at the opening ceremony at Tehran University on Sunday.

Iranian Gazelle 1 and 2 were designed and built in 2004.
Fuel leader of Iran, Mohammad Rouyanian Management Committee, visited the Director General of Iran's fuel optimization of the organization and Abbas Kazemi Farhad Rahbar Tehran University chancellor the ceremony.

The engine is used of brushless DC motors for the car has an efficiency of 97 percent, which means that the vehicle waste, the minimum amount of energy, means Fars news agency quoted the newspaper Abrinia.

The tests showed that gazelle 2 can reach speeds of 120 kilometers per hour, but we can not be increased to 150 kilometers per hour, he said.

Mechanics veteran experts also said that the solar technology car cells are used in the car with 22 percent efficiency Gazelle 2 to allow a distance of 600 km at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour when the weather is sunny.

Iranian students unveiled a solar technology car earlier this month that the application can drive over 130 miles per hour.

Designed and built by students in the department research vehicle at the University of Qazvin, the car carries the name To have one. Means sun
solar technology car, Gazelle 2, energy,  Havin is five meters long and two meters wide and is another example of attempts by Iranian scientists, the energy consumption by reducing the production of more efficient environmentally friendly in all sectors.

Iran Gazelle 2 is based on the World Solar technology car Challenge in Australia Competition 2011 competition in October, according to Rahbar.

to design the challenges of competition over a hundred of the best universities and colleges and to build a car capable of crossing Australia on the power of the sun.

The Challenge, the 1st October 16, begins by Australia - is 3000 km from Darwin to Adelaide extends.