Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The French Get Smart - Electtric Car

electrifiedDaimler says the electric Smart Fortwo will go into mass production in a factory in Hambach, France, as early as next month.

The first run of 1000 electric Smarts will be built in November 2009 and delivered to customers by the end of the year (Merry Christmas!). The car will be at full production and Smart car dealers in 2012, Daimler Chairman Dr. Dieter Zetsche said.

Specs for the new electric Smart Fortwo:

Lithium-ion battery located between the axles
30 kW motor in the rear
88 lbs-ft of torque from the get-go
80-mile range
0-62 mph in 6.5 seconds
Max speed is limited to 100 km / h (62 mph)

Smart cars, electrified and chic

electrifiedSmart has some news of the week. The first, from November 2009, the smart fortwo electric, a lithium-ion batteries on board by Tesla Motors.
It sits between the axles, so that none of his precious space on the fortwo engagement with the motor on the back where he always was. The new battery has a range of about 70 miles, and all, is a 220 volt outlet at night is charged.

The electrical ForTwo is currently leased to market choice as they say in Europe and the United States to full-scale test. It is available for those who want one in 2012.

If you are 41 mpg in a gasoline car, and a pinch of je ne sais quoi that you see in the new Smart Fortwo High style in chocolate brown with 12-spoke alloy wheels. The interior receives an updated leather and fabric, and the car is technology start-stop for more fuel into the city to grow.