Saturday, April 9, 2011

The French Government Censors Report on Electric Cars

electric cars,  French, battery technology, Mr Sarkozy
President Nicolas Sarkozy is accused of silencing a negative report on electric cars because of personal ties.

The French government commissioned a report this year analyzing the best ways for the mass market is the most efficient vehicle in the coming decades, but prevent the public reading of the results. The 129-page report by Jean Syrota, former French regulator power produced by industry, warns that the cost for all-electric double carsi carsroughly unconventional economic. The report identifies limited driving range and performance and good battery technology, the main obstacles.

The report was developed in collaboration with the 2008 Paris Motor Show, completed in October, but the government continues to sit him and they seem reluctant to publish once, in a column in the Financial Times.

The authors emphasize in particular to Mr Sarkozy, and their relationship to companies developing electric cars, as the probable cause of the head of France to the report. The Financial Times has characterized buddies Vincent Bollore and Serge Dassault and affairs of Mr Sarkozy.