Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nokia C1 Dual SIM card Mobile Phone

Nokia, Finland's largest manufacturer of mobile phone reportedly will issue a dual SIM card. Currently Nokia is preparing a GSM ON GSM mobile phone named Nokia C1 has ever been heard in June. However, the new plan can be implemented today.

Later, the first country that will have the opportunity to feel the ability of Nokia Dual SIM cards, this is Nigeria, which is one of the countries in Africa. In Africa, Nokia will launch the Nokia C1 to rival China which is growing in countries classified as such.

With the presence of Nokia in the West African region, C1 would be expected to Nokia phones that can be surpassed and easy to use, and users simply press a button in order to replace another card access.

Advantages of this Nokia C1 has a battery life is longer, which can last up to six weeks in a state of stand-by. This is the longest endurance when compared with other Nokia phone which is only able to survive only two to four days.

For C1 price certainty can not be known, which would be cheaper than other Nokia phones dual SIM, such as Nokia C2 is priced at $ 39. Nokia C1 mobile phone will be present at the 4th quarter 2010