Thursday, August 6, 2009

E63, E71 and E75 Will Be a Competitor Blackberry Gemini

Blackberry Gemini will soon enter the BB as the most inexpensive, it is expected that the market will damage the Nokia smartphone. Really? Be CEO of PT Parastar Echorindo Hary Hartono, Nokia distributor partners, if the sale of Nokia, especially Nokia E63, Nokia E71 and Nokia E75, will not be affected with the presence of Gemini. Even third phone sales increased 20 percent since April.

"I heard that Gemini will be sold with the price of Rp 3,5 million. That means, the cheaper price of E63 million Rp3. And I think consumers are still looking for the cheapest," Hary firm, after the word Care Country Manager Nokia Indonesia Jay Exconde, when inaugurate Nokia Center in the latest Roxy Mas, Jakarta, Rabu (5/8/2009).

Furthermore, the third Nokia mobile phones is an increase mash. Evidence of this is that demand is always exhausted at the Nokia store. Add Hary, July is the month that most sales in the second quarter this.

So, be spelled out the Nokia E63, Nokia E71 and Nokia E75 to be the last stronghold for the BB Gemini. Moreover, the three price series are still relatively mobile phone standard.

"Price can still go down, if the Gemini will conduct more hard. Because, it can be a strategy for Nokia. Moreover, Nokia is also bundling the service do, in order to coddle customers," he said.

In addition to the third device, it is very difficult for Nokia to intercept Blackberry. The latest Nokia smart phones is still at the top of the other less than Rp5 million. For example, the Nokia N97 that has the price Rp7 million