Thursday, September 24, 2009

Download Opera Mini 5

Software Opera mobile browser has been set up Opera Mini 5, Wednesday (18/09) yesterday, of course, with multi-user features and new interface. Opera Mini 5 browser has support for phones with Java ME features, such as Windows Mobile and BlackBerry smartphones. Enjoy Free Download Opera Mini 5 here

Opera Mini has 5 multi-platform compatible with compression technology for use server-side which can save bandwidth and hardware needs of the complex to surf the web from mobile devices.

Opera said that the Opera Mini 5 mobile browser beta version it will go up to compress the page before 90 percent sent to your mobile. With so much to save time loading web pages. Opera Mini 5 also adds a tab browsing, password manager, improvisation scrolling, and user interface to better support handset with touchscreen features.

Opera also adds features 'speed dial' to bookmarks visually when the user wants to open a new tab. Opera Mini 5 browser beta version this can be downloaded directly via the link below

Download here