Thursday, October 1, 2009

Download PCMAV 2.1a Valkyrie Update Build4

PCMAV 2.1a Valkyrie Update Build4 comes with the addition of 10 new virus variant identification. For you user PCMAV 2.1 a is recommended to update immediately, so that you PCMAV can recognize and eradicate the virus even more. To obtain and use PCMAV this update, you simply run PCMAV Cleaner (PCMAV-CLN.exe), the computer must be switched on to connect to the Internet (non-proxy). Automatic Updates feature from PCMAV will automatically download and update the database from PCMAV.

But for you who want to get the update files manually, you can download the file through a download that I address provided below.

Place the downloaded file (update.vdb) into the folder \ vdb. If you have previously had the old update files, you just happened. Make sure once again, that the update file name is update.vdb, if different, simply change the name. And later when you return PCMAV run, he is in condition was updated.


* PCMAV 2.1A Update Build4 : Download here
* Only update : Download here