Friday, September 3, 2010

Tattoo Ink

All you need to know about your tattoo ink

You get signed? As a tattoo can increase the number of questions in my mind - How Safe? If you avoid certain color? This is why, to learn about different types of tattoo ink can help you make more informed decisions. Tattoo ink is probably the most important element tattoo supply.

Tattoo ink will give color to the art of tattooing on the skin. Tattoo InkInk is included in your skin with the skin with a needle stab in the tattoo artist machine. It is interesting to note that the tattoo ink is not ink at all, but the pigment is suspended in a carrier. There are two main components of tattoo ink - pigment and the carrier.

Pigment ink can be created from a number of things including vegetable dyes, plastics, heavy metals and other minerals. Operators on the other hand is a liquid that is used for the pigment under the skin. If you are a good carrier ink tattoo, it helps to distribute the color evenly in the development, dissemination and without adhesion. It can also help a little disinfectant action. However, if the supply tattoo is a lower class, and if the operator is not good material, can produce more harm than good.

What could be the negative consequences of tattoos?

Tattoos, although the constant sweetbreads fade. Eventually, the color pigments in the foreign body, and thus, the immune system tries to break the color and remove it from your body. But because of the pigment particles are too large to be destroyed by your white blood cells, most of the color.

Some general risks associated with tattoo ink scars, phototoxic reactions, in particular, the reaction of skin color under the sunlight, allergic reactions to materials used in pigments. Some plastic-based ink which is said to lead to an increase in the reaction than other types of ink, although they create more vibrant colors. Other colors may be radioactive or toxic, depending on what the quality of goods purchased with the tattoos.Tattoo Ink

Use of alcohol in the tattoo ink

If you drink alcohol in the tattoo ink you or if you have alcohol as a carrier of the chemical substances in the blood easily. This is because alcohol is the founder. This basically requires that work synergistically with a variety of carcinogenic and mutagenic properties in the ink, which makes them even more dangerous than it should.

Alcohol increases the likelihood of a mutation in his cell, and not only in the tattoo, but the whole body.

Know ink

There are different types of tattoo ink there in the market. Ingredients tattoo ink, which should not be disclosed to the manufacturer, so that complicated things. Nevertheless, some well-known brand name is used a number of artists as part of their inventory intenze tattoo ink tattoo ink tattoos and mother.

Black light tattoo ink is also becoming very popular in the past. However, the effect of this pigment is not clearly defined, and they may be hazardous or radioactive.

Tattoo InkIf you are an artist mixed his paints, probably pretty safe - but only if he uses high quality product. Some of the most secure service that can be used in the ink of ethyl alcohol in the form of vodka, propylene glycol, witch hazel, Listerine, glycerin and the like.

Remember that although you get a tattoo done from space, safety and hygiene, and artist who believes in the use of quality stock tattoo, you're sure to get great results. The quality of tattoo ink brand, to minimize the risk to the body - lowering the risk factor to nearly zero. So, make sure that your research artist and tattoo supplies they use, and then enjoy the experience of receiving signed for life! By Daniel Sage

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