Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BlackBerry Storm 3

Photo BlackBerry Storm 3 is now the appears in various world known technology site. Interestingly, it looks Storm 3 photos taken in Indonesia. Photo BB Storm 3 appears on the BerryReview and other sites. The photo was taken in Indonesia look if observed from the background papers that use the Indonesian language.

One comment on a blog called the Blackberry Storm 3 is being tested by one operator in Indonesia.

But the site Boy Genius Report (BGR), it is doubtful that the photo was genuine Storm 3 because it has few differences from the Blackberry Storm 2. The difference, Storm 3 looks to have a more streamlined shape and lighter weight than the previous series

BlackBerry Storm 3 uses the operating system (OS) BlackBerry 6, 512MB RAM and a touch screen SurePress contained also in the Storm 2. This phone also features a Mobile Hotspot.

BGR hope, RIM can make some improvements on the BlackBerry Storm 3 so this phone can compete with Droid X, iPhone 4 and EPIC 4G