Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nokia E7

Nokia E7 have appeared in the UK mobile roadmap that will be present, along with HTC Gold, HTC Ace, and Samsung i8700 Cetus.

However, in its development, many are labeled E7 with the name Nokia N9 (using OS MeeGo) or Nokia N8-001 or also the Nokia N8-002. Nokia did not provide information about this so much going speculation circulating. Nokia E7 is rumored to be using the Symbian operating system ^ 3 the same as with the Nokia N8, has aluminum body and AMOLED touch screen.

Regardless of the truth, it is expected that Nokia will provide clearer information about the presence of Nokia E7 at Nokia World 2010 event on 14-15 September. Possible Nokia C6-01 and Nokia C7 will also be announced at the event held in London.