Sunday, July 18, 2010

There Can be Only One Motorcycle in The Future

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A motorcycle is a major transport when they travel through the regions of narrow, because they are small and easy to maneuver. I recommend it to ride a motorcycle through a populated area since zombies can exceed the town already. It is good to travel by land and rural areas. I think that the smaller bikes instead of big cars, Harley-Davidson. Slow and mindless zombies, but what they want to hear the lowest sound so keep this in mind.

Recently, I've been with some cool concepts for the MotoGP and some are a bit behind the concept. Let me say that if they start making motorcycles so that it will not be long before they have one.

The mission OneThe a mission (pictured above) 'talk of the town this month after the publication of her work TED2009. Was to establish a mission and the mission is one of the fastest cars, the electric bicycle in its entirety in the market. It is the peaks of 150 miles per hour (250 kilometers per hour and can speed without those gears. Plus, the design only of this world.

Honda V4 HondaV4Next is the concept that was released to the public to the 30 anniversary of the Honda V4 celebrate. With the introduction of the concept of Honda motorcycle promised that it would quickly become a leader in the Superbike and that no one will to the speed or the design of the forthcoming V4 touch.

ferrari_motorcycleIn an ideal world, where Ferrari made an engine This bike will be one of the coolest on the market, but for now it's just the concept. Designed by Prince Glinik bike is all the luxury you want a motorcycle. And will work on a bike Ferrari V4 Integrated Command Unit, a touch screen computer, which was able to bike the whole (as in the case of overheating, switching, and hence on). The question is, will look at Ferrari so far?

crosscage2Another Monster electrical and Suzuki says it is close to extinguish the hydrogen fuel cell Suzuki MotoGP Cross Cage (Cage Cross short). When we talk about 'Going Green' is the definition of a motorcycle. It has no acceleration, and makes no noise, no clutch, and not emissions. Suzuki has every right to say this is the future of motorcycles.
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