Friday, July 23, 2010

The New Rinspeed Squba Concept Car

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Rinspeed Squba can travel on the road without a guide. Rinspeed Squba amphibious and can go diving at a depth of 10 meters. Will Rinspeed Squba concept car can be unique.

Rinspeed concept car a pure immersion "Squba - Queen the way of salvation

Diving in the real world with the first car energy emissions to zero.
What is a computer animation or maybe more than a movie in Hollywood is intelligent design? In fact, the real car sitting there? There are 16 Geneva Motor Show (March 6, that many visitors, 2008) to ask yourself these questions unless invented the new Rinspeed Squba - the world's first real diving car experience. Concept car impressive power, and Switzerland is well known projects and ideas that look like the new James Bond film.
Capabilities not only to guide the way - without even a driver independent (of the press, and the transfer of passengers or more help) - but also naughty amphibious vehicles and 10 meters (33 feet) outside the scope of the depth of water for many people hitting fiction Social Council.

Rinspeed Squba easy chewing coach Frank "in achieving the dream of appreciation and full length feature films - the most famous James Bond film up to the" symbol of the eye, eye, and I loved it. "It's a strange 30 years old - but the animated movie time - in the world today, and the sequence is present and the reality," says an easy chewing.

Rinspeed Squba concept car image

It is clear that some physical force in the world the concept car: an electric motor drives the rear wheels torsi strong. During the Depression of the underwater vehicle to promote accurate and two powerful jet drives in the direction of water promised by the two screws initiator. Emissions, zero pollution in the world with 7 sea. Effective mobilization of carbon Nano-tubes to the occupants of the future of an independent light on the motherboard with details of the body and provide fresh air.

Squba opens with a new and exciting, which will likely - as its predecessors - 1 - Close the car unique and exclusive. But note: I came back.