Thursday, July 22, 2010

Earth Day Comparoe: What is more surprising green?

American cars, karting car
Oh, yes! It's the Earth!

If you live in the United States, as you know that all Americans, April 22 pause for a moment to realize that nature provides us with one of us and the house only. Just to be different, the United Nations recognizes the donation Equinox March.

Since cars and grades of fuel consumption and weight heavily in the ongoing scientific analysis of our environment, and most eco-conscious ... ... Buyers of sports cars that can be sought quickly and the economy in fuel consumption and some options.

The easy option is to buy Lotus exigé 260 - karting car that runs circles around most sports cars, "Lotus Little uses only four of the cracker can do 26 mpg on the highway.

But stripping riders Colin Chapman is not for everyone - especially for those who want to rumble of the V8 American security behind the V12 Hain German, or on a date with V10 Italian hot-headed.

Then consider the following selection of a variety of alien species - the estimates of power and a combination of average (city / highway) miles per gallon:

Despite winning the Porsche's main points accurately average consumption, the Americans would be more effective than the Germans! Viper and Corvette, 120 horsepower and 158 more, respectively, of the 480 horsepower and 911 Turbo in the vicinity of the rear-engine Porsche economic performance.

Who says American cars are gas pigs impenitent?

Benz of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Aston 2 disappointing; V12 is fine behind the Frugal 'Merican muscle.

Lamborghini good scores in the consumption of energy - and did even better than her cousin Germanic - the less powerful Audi R8. Here, Ingolstadt: the bubble is environmentally friendly!

In conclusion, we have? What is strange green?

If the decline in the number of consumption - to win a Porsche. If HP balance mpg /, and won the ZR1 arms, then down towards the close by Dodge Viper.