Monday, May 24, 2010

Joker Tattoos

Joker TattoosJoker tattoos, and actually all clown tattoos have come to symbolize the humor and the hidden tragedy that often lurks behind life’s pale veil. While the clown may be seen laughing there is always the hint of sadness or sorrow that lies just underneath his facade. But, that’s where the similarities end between the joker tribal tattoos and the clown tattoo.

Joker TattoosJoker tattoo have also come to be viewed as laughing people that has at the core of their personality a sinister or evil persona. This can be seen by the Joker tattoo in the picture. It’s a very good portrait of the joker character as portrayed by Heath Ledger in the Dark Knight. That character not only had a dark side to his personality but also was a sociopath. And that has almost transformed the entire joker tattoo genre.

Joker TattoosNow, individuals are getting highly exaggerated joker’s that allude to something deep, dark and potentially dangerous. It would be a perfect piece to ink into your skin. So, if your looking for a design that speaks about your fun and humorous nature yet identifies you as a force to be reckoned with then the joker tribal tattoos may be the design that you want to get.

Joker TattoosJoker Tattoos