Tuesday, May 25, 2010

iPhone 4G White

This time Apple is ready to manufacture the device iPhone 4G with white cashing design. In this story, the iPhone 4G picture shown is very clear.

Previously, Apple's latest generation iPhone will produce it in white. But then the news could not be ascertained the truth, because the news was displayed when the iPhone 4G specification is not so clear. So can not prove that the Apple preparing iPhone 4G comes in white.

Although in this news white color only appeared on the front panel only, but is expected when the iPhone 4G will also have a white rear panel.

But unfortunately, so far we have not received information on whether the iPhone 4G white color that will be launched together with the presence of the iPhone 4G black or not. Thus, we can not ensure, when the iPhone 4G white color will be present. For clarity, we just have to wait further news.