Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BlackBerry 9700 Specifications

The more aggressive bear newest products, Research In Motion (RIM) is now back to prepare another variant of their smartphones to be launched, the BlackBerry 9700. Peering specifications, this phone is identical with the BlackBerry 9020 aka Onyx.

Is the BlackBerry 9700 is part of the variance Onyx? Nothing has been able to answer these questions before RIM officially launch. However, based on the observation Crackberry, both physically and almost the same specifications.

As quoted from the BlackBerry VIVAnews News, September 1 2009, BlackBerry 9700, which while it has not had a codename, a candybar design with a horizontal arrangement of the Qwerty keyboard, like the Blackberry Javelin, Tour, or Blackberry Bold. But it is not known for sure if the fixed screen touch screen technology or not.

What is clear, as described BlackBerry News, BlackBerry 9700 supports the network reportedly has Quad-band GSM / GPRS / EDGE with UMTS / HSDPA. Not only that, open Internet data access alternatives, RIM is also pinned on Wi-Fi capabilities a, b, g on this phone. Bluetooth did not miss immersed in it.

Phones that have 480x360 screen resolution has been equipped with BlackBerry OS 5.0. Besides there are 3.2 MP camera capable featured Auto Focus.

In the United States, enough was widely circulated rumors that the latest variant has been adopted BlackBerry T-Mobile and ready to be launched officially in the near future. While AT & T will follow the competitors. However, no one has dared to estimate what price range the BlackBerry 9700.