Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Samsung Crest Solar E1107

Ordinary people who work in the outdoor will not run out of battery again. Samsung announced the first GSM mobile phone that uses solar energy is a Samsung E1107. HP is also called the Samsung Crest Solar discharge that can have far wherever the sun. Samsung E1107 Crest Solar which is a dual-band GSM (900Mhz and 1800MHz) has the size and shape, as most mobile phones. The biggest difference Samsung Crest Solar is in the back, have a solar panel which provides talk time 5 to 10 minutes each day refill.

Of course the process of the rechargeable light level depending on the sunlight. Samsung E1107 calculation based on the average sun luks around 80,000 mobile phone with the time off. Samsung E1107 Crest Solar already has many features. The most important of the E1107 is included in the FM radio, MP3 ringtone, game and as a source of light. Samsung E1107 Crest Solar also has security features such as Mobile Tracker, which automatically gives a warning if the SIM card is replaced. In addition, the false call is also available for emergency purposes.