Thursday, June 11, 2009

Palm Pre

Palm Pre, mobile phones to reach the Best in Show at the Consumer Electronics Show 2009, in the behavior of the market. "Being a new sales record of Palm Pre us," said Tim Donahue, vice president of the company yesterday. Indeed, since Saturday morning last week the buyers in line Palm Pre Sprint store and phone sales center Palm Pre another.

J.P. Morgan estimates, more than 50 thousand phone Palm Pre sold on the first day of a two-day launch. The Wall Street Journal, which quoted the analyst, said Palm Pre sales figures between 50 thousand and 100 thousand. Donahue said the company plans to add supply in the Palm Pre retail stores. Consumers have a waiting list will also be immediately informed when the phone is Palm Pre available.

Donahue says the company will do all that is Palm Pre gadgets they sold as much as possible. They will monitor yesterday after Apple announced the latest generation iPhone sales. iPhone 3G comes with a storage capacity of 16 gigabita worth U.S. $ 199 and version 32 gigabita worth U.S. $ 299 with a contract for two years. To use the memory 8 gigabita, it costs U.S. $ 99. Meanwhile, the Pre 8 has a storage capacity gigabita valued U.S. $ 199.

Attendance Palm Pre impressive display as touch have the same functionality with the iPhone. In addition, the capacity is equivalent to the BlackBerry. Pre Palm's keyboard and other features also have a Palm Pre ability to handle multiple functions at once, such as computers. Donahue refused Palm Pre as a BlackBerry-killer.