Thursday, November 4, 2010

Try an Old School Tattoo Design

It seems like everything old is new again in just about every part of life. Tattoo design is no different. Many of the old school tattoo designs are showing back up in ink on people everywhere.
Some of the old school tattoo designs that you see around are more like an homage to the original design, reminiscent of the first designs. But other tattoos are very faithful to the original design, exactly what you might have seen on someone leaving a tattoo shop in the 1940s.
One of the most common old school tattoo designs showing up is that of a pinup girl. The tattoo image was commonly seen in posters that were sent to soldiers and sailors during WWII. They were supposed to remind the soldiers who they were fighting for. Betty Grable was probably the most famous of the pinup girls. The posters weren’t what we would consider sexy now, but they were pretty hot back in the day. In the early to mid 1900s, most of the people who were getting tattoos were in the military, so it wasn’t a big surprise that there were a lot of tattoos of pinup girls.
One surprise that people might get about who is getting old school tattoo pinup girl designs is that more and more women are getting them. Some women are getting tattoos of themselves as a pin up girl. The women who choose to do this say that they are empowering themselves, and to take back their sexuality. Others do get the pinup girl ink just because they like the design. Of course, there are also men who get pinup girl tattoos.
There are a multitude of reasons that they get their ink. Some men get their girlfriend’s or wife’s pictures done as a pinup girl, because they love that person and want to have her with them always. Others, because they like a design.
There are many different old school tattoo designs. There are also many different reasons to get your tattoo done old school. Having an old school tattoo shows an unbroken line from the people, like Sailor Jerry, who started making tattoos the art they are now.