Thursday, November 4, 2010

PC Tablet Nokia Z500

Nokia reportedly was working on the Z500 as their mainstay in industrial tablet PC that has been heard from since a few months ago. At that time, observers gadgets, Eldar Murtazin predicts that Nokia will work Tablet PC Nokia Z500 with Linux operating MeeGo system

Tablet PC Nokia Z500 has been registered on Ovi Store, an online shop Nokia. This of course made clear if the presence tablet news is not a rumor

People in Nokia also been leaked that his company was interested in working on the tablet PC product. But, Niklas Savander, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Nokia, still have not provided an explanation of the tablet PC

"We always monitor what we call a 'business neighbors', to see if we can get into the business or not,"

Specifications Tablet PC Nokia Z500 remains a mystery. Predicted, touch-screen device will be a 7 or 9 inch and will give a fairly good gaming capability