Saturday, October 23, 2010

Popular Tattoos For Women - Sexy, Not Shocking

Femininity of design is usually the norm of popular tattoos for women and such artful conceptions lean towards delicate charm and sophistication. In the infancy of tattooing as an art form, mainstream society revealed few women bearing tattoos and those who dared engrave their innocent bodies earned reputations as "undesired rebels" loitering out on the fringes of society. Alas, times have changed! Just over twenty years ago, tattooing hitched a ride in the fast lane to widespread social acceptance, in particular with the rise of celebrities exhibiting captivating body art. The difference was, not all these celebrities were men. Leading female celebrities broke the norm and the common woman soon followed.

Fast forward to modern society where cosmopolitan cultures reign and you will glimpse the raw power of attraction and playfulness wrapped up in the most popular tattoos for women. It is a rarity indeed, to find those who might find such artistic creations, offensive. While that is the consensus, there are still some things that just die-hard. More men still opt for a tattoo and social rebellion still favors the decision for some women to enlist the ravenous works of a tattoo artist. More often though, most women seek tattoo designs to compliment their femininity rather than make social statements. Nevertheless, in today's society, it is simply politically incorrect, to judge a woman's character based on her body art.

The physical make-up of women is inclined to represent delicate accents. From such perspectives, popular tattoos for women often are modestly dainty when compared with tattoos worn by men. It is rare indeed to see a woman with tattoos covering an entire limb; rather feminine tattoos tend toward isolation of specific body zones such as the lower back or the foot, ankles or wrists. They tend to function more as accessories. Women often prefer tattoos that are less boisterous and refraining from aggressiveness, where men's tattoos aim for the opposite effects. Women's tattoos are usually comprised of thinner lines, but it is worth noting there are always exceptions to such generalizations.