Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Body Tattoo

Technology has helped advance the popularity of tattooing with better longer lasting colors and improvement in equipment. Helping the popularity also is the emergence of reality TV shows like A&E's "Inked". There are even forums on the web for people with tattoos and for people considering getting a tattoo.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of mass designed body tattoo art works available, and, if one of them isn't right for you all that is standing in your way is your imagination and the right tattoo artist.

Tattoo artists, like those featured in "Inked" actually get followings due to the quality of their work. One of my favorite tattoos is a Rosie the Robot from the Jetson's (not that I would ever have one on my skin). There are of course animal tattoos, flower tattoos, bird tattoos, butterfly tattoos, demon tattoos, cross tattoos, heart tattoos, insect tattoos, skull tattoos and unicorn tattoos.

The care that you receive in a tattoo studio must be flawless. There are measures that each tattoo studio must follow in order to ensure a sterile environment for patrons. Each state may have their own laws governing tattoo studios. Some tattoo studios require their artists to have mandatory training in sterilization techniques. Check with the studio.

Also, how do you choose a tattoo artist? Perhaps, like me, you have a co-worker who isn't shy about pulling down her panties to reveal her large flower tattoo.

Word of mouth is the best way to find a tattoo artist. Look at their work. Visit the studio, go several times. Look around, do you like what you see? Are the work areas clean? Do the artists seem to be following guidelines assuring cleanliness? How are they interacting with the patrons? Make sure that you consider the tattoo process thoroughly. Having a body tattoo removed can be painful, and costly too.