Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lion Tattoo

Everyone knows that the lion is the king of the animals and its roar is so aggressive and impressive that the entire jungle fears it. Almost every single culture in the world presents the lion as a symbol for strength, power and courage. That's why usually people associate it with royalty.
Lion Tattoo
When someone chooses to wear a lion tattoo design on the body, in most cases the model pictures a very realistic lion. Depending on everyone's temper the lion can bear its teeth or can be very calm. The talent of the artist performing the tattoo plays a very important role because you'll wear the lion on the skin for the rest of your life.

A lion tattoo can be as big as you want it to be. There are tattoos with only lion heads and also tattoos picturing the whole kitty. Your lion tattoo can measure only a few inches or can cover your entire back; the decision is entirely up to you.
Lion Tattoo
Artists consider a lion tattoo to be very simple and if it's well inked the final result will look absolutely amazing. A great lion tattoo comprises separate colors for mouth, skin, nose, mane and eyes.

If you want something special you can choose to have a big lion in the middle of its natural habitat: an African plain or a jungle. With more color added on the background the lion will look simply great.

The price for a lion tattoo is established depending on the size, the type of the model and the number of colors used for it. Bigger the lion higher the price. The rule is very simple.

People wearing lion tattoos are looking to project a powerful and courageous image because the lion is a very beautiful and strong feline. Not to mention that they are now one step closer to royalty because the lion was and still is the image of several important kings and emperors worldwide.Lion Tattoo
Everything depends on the artist because he can make the lion look very realistic or he can make it look like a frightened and sad cat.

If you choose a very good artist you won't have to worry about anything. Just sit there relax and think how great the lion will look on your body.

Lion TattooLion Tattoo