Monday, July 11, 2011

Blackberry Storm 9520

Not only the style, RIM seems to understand that the need for communication with the touch of a consumer is always required, although the level of a particular consumer. Storm then answer the needs of specific consumers. Just like the Iphone which is also touchscreen, 2 or Blackberry Storm 9520 gives it to you. Discomfort in the Iphone can be found on the Storm 2.

BlackBerry Storm 9500 is an interesting device, but the device did not seem too sedate consumers.

9520 Storm, the presence of a little different to 9500, although the difference is very significant, making the Storm 9520 is more weighty and interesting.

There are two significant differences between the 9500 Storm and Storm 9520, for weight, more weight of about 5 grams Storm 9520 of about 160 g, while the Storm 9520 is only 155 grams. But there are differences in the wireless internet access. Storm 9520 has been supported HSUPA, whereas only HSDPA Storm 9500.